Nintendo to open retail store in Israel

Opening June 2019

We have Nintendo NY, and now we're going to have Nintendo Israel! A retail location for Nintendo is set to open in Tel Aviv at the Dizengoff Center mall. The store will provide 150 square feet with all kinds of Nintendo merch, and it's set to open sometime in June 2019. Pretty cool to see Nintendo opening a retail store in the region just a few weeks after announcing an official online presence.

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Pretty crazy this is happening before the Tokyo store. For both this one and the Tokyo one, as well as all future ones, I really hope its not just Nintendo software, and they carry third party software as well, thats a really nice part of Nintendo NY.

We need more Nintendo stores.. I want one in mainland Europe.

I'm still waiting to see if they'll open more in the US. I live in the American Southeast so the most likely place they'd make one around here is Atlanta, Georgia (that's still a long drive for me, but much closer than NYC at least).

We don't even have one in Los Angeles. We might get one when Super Nintendo land opens but they haven't announced it yet.

I hadn't even thought about that, but I'll bet you're pretty much guaranteed something like the Nintendo store within the Super Nintendo Land park area, whether it be one consolidated store or spread out among the rides.

I think one is coming to Orlando when Super Nintendo World opens. But that's likely not what you wanted to hear.

I'd say an LA or Seattle one (NoA's office in Redmon has a private one but no public one in the area) would be the most likely candidates for another US location.

Before Europe, the US West coast, or even friggin' Japan-makes sense 😒

Mon May 13 19 06:27am
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If I ran Nintendo I'd be aiming to get a retail store in pretty much every major city around the world, much like Disney and Apple have done. Nintendo is a big enough brand with enough loving fans that I think this would be a great business strategy, and I even think this kind of presence in the high street could help push Nintendo into a totally dominant position in the industry again.

I hope Sydney is on the list!


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