Daemon X Machina reconfirmed for launch in Summer 2019

Meching plans for Summer

While things have been a little quiet for Daemon X Machina since the demo was released, today we learn that all is well. Marvelous has reconfirmed plans to launch the game sometime in Summer 2019. It's likely we'll see the game pop up during this year's E3 Treehouse Live segments from Nintendo.

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Im sorry but does anyone even give a crap about this game? I see very little talk of it online and most people who played the demo felt very lukewarm afterwords.

I'm still interested but they haven't given us much information since the demo, and the performance in the demo was subpar. I still hope they'll fix it by release since I think this has potential to be a great game.

I enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to the final release (and hoping they can iron out some of the rough edges) but there's not much to talk about atm. According to a GN article search Ninty haven't released any new media or information about it in almost 2 months.

The demo was extremely unengaging for me, so my interest has waned quite a lot, a lot would have to change to get me interested again.

I've still been keeping an eye on it and I hope they clean up some of the issues in the demo. I think the biggest issue is Nintendo is hyping it up to big release when it's more of a niche title that will only have small but very dedicated fan base.

I'd rather the game be over marketed then not sell. Genuinely marketing Xenoblade was the difference between a niche audience under a million sales, and selling over 1.5 million worldwide. As long as a game is good, it can be sold, it just depends on figuring out how. The demo wasn't the worst idea.

This game has a really cool art style but after playing the demo I'm pretty sure I'll pass. The gameplay just isn't for me.

Daemon X Machina is currently my most anticipated game. I'm looking forward to learning how the Multiplayer will work during E3.


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