Detective Pikachu contains a Home Alone Easter egg

Keep the change, ya filthy animal

Detective Pikachu is filled with Easter eggs related to the Pokemon universe, but there's also some other pop culture references in there. That includes a reference to Home Alone, the 1990 movie starring Macaulay Culkin.

In one scene during Detective Pikachu, you can catch "Angels with Filthy Souls" playing on a TV. Angels with Filthy Souls is actually pretty important to a specific portion of Home Alone, as Macaulay Culkin's character plays it on a TV to fool robbers trying to sneak into his house. Why on earth does this reference pop up in Detective Pikachu? Director Rob Letterman explained in an interview with Kotaku.

“Truth be told, we were just looking for the perfect placeholder. There was this full movie which we found on YouTube. It’s this whole thing, and Mark Sanger, our editor, dropped it in, and it just fit perfectly. We could not beat it. And it came down to the wire and we were like, let’s just embrace it and we licensed it. It’s just cool. It’s just a funny easter egg that people may or may not notice.”

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My friend noticed this while we were watching. Would've been cool to have a Pokemon game or movie on the screen, but that was a more creative touch.

I was watching the Cinemassacre rehiew and they talked about how it had "Angels with Filthy Souls" in it and how it was funny and weird.

But when I watched it it's explained right away. It's hard to listen to review as because they can't always pay attention.

It really should have been Stand by Me or something, something that already exists or is referenced in the Pokemon games. I thought it was a pretty big missed opportunity and this reasoning just makes me feel moreso like they took too much creative freedom.

I noticed it immediately when I heard that scene! Home Alone 1 and 2 are the best! Lol


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