Tetris 99 devs discuss the idea's inception, development time, and why they didn't go with 100 players

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4Gamer has published an interview with the team behind Tetris 99, and a number of interesting details have been shared. Check out a summary of the info below.

- development for Tetris 99 started in April 2018
- this was when developers figured out what kind of Tetris game they wanted to make
- after the concept was decided, development went into full swing, and a prototype came together by October 2018
- development took about 10 months
- the inspiration for Tetris 99 came from the Battle Royale genre
- the developers were really excited about the idea, with some stating they wanted to “make this” and “play this”
- Tetris 99 was originally going to have 100 players, but they changed it to 99 in order to have an even number of players on both sides of the screen

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"the inspiration for Tetris 99 came from the Battle Royale genre"

A shocking revelation indeed.

Tetris 99 sounds and looks (from looking at the logo) better than Tetris 100 to me...for some reason I can not touch on.

I assumed it began like in September in reaction to people disliking the price of Switch Online, they must have had like 5 people at most working on it in its first few months then.

I guessed as much, 100 players would mean 50 at one side and 49 at the other.

Now you have 49 at both sides.


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