Take a look at Super Mario Maker 2's different versions of the Angry Sun

Sure to make people angry

Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced players to the Angry Sun, and now it's returning for Super Mario Maker 2. The above artwork shows off what the Angry Sun looks like in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. Man, that NSMBU style is REALLY different!

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He looks particularly pissed off in the Super Mario Bros. 1 style.

The New Super Mario Bros. U version looks very Zeldaesque to me!

I was not expecting the NSMB version to be the most unique looking. Color me impressed.

Then you do not understand the difference between what is "impressive" and what is just utterly dumb and stupid-looking in this world. Surprised

The NSMB versions looks more like a flower than a sun.

The NSMBU Sun is looking into my soul... I am in fear.

The NSMBU version is frikin' terrible. I don't get the joke. Surprised

Oh, wait, I just did an emoji that's kinda like that sun--maybe I do get the joke!


I don't get it. That final design feels more at home in the Super Mario 3D World style. The bland and uninspired soulless husk that is New Super Mario Bros. U does not deserve this unique Mayan rendition of the Angry Sun. It just simply doesn't.

NSMBU version of the Angry Sun is very weird, why Nintendo didnt use the classic look of the Angry Sun on the NSMBU template not using that design is a waste of opotunity, the NSMBU Angry Sun look seen too off.


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