Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order available to preload in Europe, listing mentions "in game purchases"

Hey Mr. Stark, do you have some cash you can spare?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is now available to preload on the Switch eShop in Europe. If you check out the listing on the eShop itself, you'll notice that all the way at the bottom of the page, the info mentions 'in-game purchases.' We haven't heard any details on paid DLC or microtransactions for the game, so either this is a mistake, or there's some new details coming on paid content.

Thanks to TheDestructo94 for the heads up!


Ofc ourse there will be DLC... It's a very "like DUH" thing by now.

If their are microtransactions I seriously hope its just cosmetics. Though knowing the Marvel junkie that I am I may not be able to resist those alternate costumes.. *sigh*

Oh man. I was hoping they wouldn’t do this.. if DLC, I hope it’s worth it.

Its probably DLC and not micro transactions.

I would assume DLC for characters. Considering the devs, its right up their boat and the game is ripe for it.

I doubt there's microtransactions, the GI piece doesnt seem to mention it and alt costumes are already a thing free of charge.

Probably DLC characters and/or story expansions. Maybe alternate skins beyond the ones already available in the game.

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