Walmart selling Limited Edition Super Mario Maker snow globe for the low, low price of $10k

That delivery fee's the killer

I guess it's time for another weird Walmart listing! Last time the retailer was offering a bundle of 300 Switch units for $76,506. Now they're giving customers the chance to scoop up a limited edition Super Mario Maker snow globe for $10k. At that price, it's practically a steal! Check out the listing here.

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They are crazy AF! Who’s gonna buy it?!

Thu May 16 19 07:11pm
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This isn't being sold by Walmart. It is just listed on their market place by an independent seller.

As Zaakro pointed out, Walmart lets third-party vendors sell on their site, the same as Amazon does. I could sign up to be a Walmart.com vendor and sell my Super Mario Maker poster for $3,000 if I want to (and if I can find a buyer!)

If you really want it, it's on ebay for various prices in the 10-35 range.

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