Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Hanneman character profile, and more info on crests

Hanneman is obsessed with crests

Today's Fire Emblem: Three Houses update has more content than usual. We have a character profile, as well as more info on crests. Check out the tidbits below!

Hanneman (voiced by Kenji Hamada)

- a teacher at the Officer’s Academy, who also happens to be a scholar studying the mysterious crests
- these crests are said to have been given by the Goddess herself
- Hanneman is generally pretty calm and composed, but he does tend to get carried away anytime the crests are involved
- he's particularly intrigued by the protagonist’s mysterious emblem, and has a hard time hiding his curiosity
- Hanneman doesn't seem to get on well with Manuela, another teacher at the Officer’s Academy


- crests are mysterious entities that very few people on the Fodlan continent possess
- their power is said to come from the Goddess herself, and the Heroes who took part in the Heroes War a long time ago
- crests have been passed down from generation to generation among descendants of those Heroes
- they have become a symbol of power
- not all children from noble families end up with a crest at birth
- in general, only nobles get to possess a crest
- the protagonist (who decides to assist Hanneman in his research) does end up getting a mysterious emblem of their own


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