NEScape! Kickstarter hits goal, seeing release on NES

The NES is alive and well

NEScape! is a new, true 8-bit mystery escape room game for the NES. Not only that, but it is (optionally) programmed to work with a SNES mouse! It's totally your choice: play with a standard controller or play with a SNES mouse. Experience the thrill of playing a brand new NES game using a peripheral the system was never designed to work with!

NEScape! is packed to the brim with puzzles of all types. Logic puzzles, music puzzles, various mini-games, spot-the-difference puzzles, auditory puzzles, scramble puzzles, etc. We took all of our favorite puzzle-types and crammed them into one game for you all to enjoy. And forgive us when we tell you, this game is hard! We wanted to err on the side of too difficult rather than too easy. But rest assured, all of the puzzles make logical sense, so you won't have to find batteries in a bag of flour (damn you Agatha Christie on the Wii).

The best part? None of the puzzles in the game require extensive reflexes or hand/eye coordination, so NEScape! can be enjoyed by gamers and non-gamers alike, from all age groups. If you enjoy challenging your brain, this game is for you!

NEScape! was looking for $15k to release on NES, and the Kickstarter has blown past that goal with 27 days left to go! If you want to support the Kickstarter and grab a copy for yourself, you can do so right here.

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