Fans having issue getting their Detective Pikachu 'Bulbasaur' TCG card from Walmart locations

Don't give up!

As was previously announced, Walmart locations were supposed to be running a Detective Pikachu promo event today. From 11 AM to 4 PM, participating Walmart locations were supposed to be giving out a Pokemon TCG card featuring Bulbasaur art from Detective Pikachu, as well as a Detective Pikachu poster. Nintendo said these items would be limited, so make sure to hop on them as soon as you could. Unfortunately, it seems numerous Walmart locations didn't even bother to set up plans for the promotion.

Numerous fans have taken to Reddit to share their experiences in trying to get the TCG card. Some locations didn't even know that a promo event was set to run, and various employees couldn't be bothered to find out more information. These are locations that were promoted as participating in the event.

If you have a location near you that's supposed to be participating, don't give up! The cards should be available somewhere in the store, and hopefully if you pin down the right person, you can grab this limited-time item.

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

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I went to my local walmart and a dude who was at the front of the store and his team of workers were convinced I made up the entire event, despite showing them the Pokemon website stating as such, and talked about how annoyed they were with random people asking them about an event that was made up.I called another store in my state and the dude claimed nobody in the state got the cards and neither did they, so I gave up and went home since it was gonna rain. Very annoying experience and sadly it was the only promo day I could go to.

Walmart screwing things up... big surprise.

My wife had to be super persistent with the manager before he acknowledged knowing anything about the event.

I went to a different Walmart and explained to the people who were too cool for Pokémon that this was the ONLY way to get this card. They just shrugged.

It was way too challenging to get this card.

I called all the stores around me. I actually went to my local one initially, and they were clueless. And like... I hold no ill will towards the employees, but a few of the times I called, they were just rude. Frankly this sort of event shouldn't be held at a Walmart, they've got no idea what they're doing. Target and Gamestop went without a hitch. ::/

Sun May 19 19 10:23am
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I don’t understand blaming employees who don’t understand the situation. Like If they don’t know about it, they can’t help you. Plus it’s just a card, like calm down people.

I didn't really see any employee blaming. They aren't paid enough to deal with that kind of shit.

As for the card thing, it's only available at Walmart, at this event, within this 5 hour window, or so they say. It sucks for fans and collectors that a "promotional" event isn't even promoted or known about by employees of the place it happens at. And yes, that's not the employees' fault, but it is Walmart's fault.

Toys R Us was giving these out in Canada.
Had no issues getting mine, though one location was pretty unorganized and thought they were only for kids despite no mention of this on the ad. They kinda fucked over adults waiting and told us to come back several hours later. I went to the other location in the mean time and had no problems, even won a prize pack!


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