Smash Bros. Ultimate mod adds in Koopa Kid

No kiddin!

The last few mods for Smash Bros. Ultimate have added in some rather wacky characters that are far, far removed from the realm of Nintendo. The latest mod brings things back to Nintendo's universe with the inclusion of Koopa Kid. Once again, this looks like another top-notch mod. Fans continue to impress with the amount of detail they include with their custom characters.


Mon May 20 19 09:15pm
Rating: 1

I still miss him. Mario Party should bring him back.

I still remember this guy giving me so much hell in Mario Party advance and as a kid I hated him for being Bowser Junior in everything but name.

...I still hate him for looking far too similar to Baby Bowser/Bowser Junior and doing nothing of importance. Don't blame Nintendo for giving him the boot, but I'd take him in a new Mario game over Boom Boom (who's even more useless)


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