Puzzle Box Maker V2 is here, available for free if you bought Puzzle Box Maker

A major update

You get Puzzle Box Maker V2 for FREE if you bought Puzzle Box Maker for Nintendo Switch!! Puzzle Box Maker is now on eShop for €$ 14.99

Changes from Puzzle Box Maker V1 to its successor Puzzle Box Maker V2

❀ Solved minor gameplay bugs reported by fans
🧑 Polished every aspect of the game including a new art style
πŸ’› New game icon
πŸ’™ Added video capture functionality
πŸ’š Optimized controls
πŸ’œ New Level selection screen
πŸ–€ Revised all graphics and new effects have been added
❀ Added a new Kubi Mode to Classic Levels
🧑 Added Summer+Winter theme to Kubi Mode
πŸ’› Added new AI aspects for levels in Winter in Kubi Mode
πŸ’™ Added more and bigger monsters to Kubi Mode
πŸ’š Destroyed Monsters release a black Shadow Plattchen in Kubi Mode
πŸ’œ Added some physics fun and other gimmicks to Kubi Mode
πŸ–€ Pixo is now able to fly in 2 player mode in Kubi Mode
❀ Added Player Charts Levels
🧑 Added Player Level Ratings
πŸ’› New and much greater Bomb Mode
πŸ’™ Added detailed game progress and coins information
πŸ’š Added a Credits screen in the space design
πŸ’œ Added ability to move the pixel art around in Maker Mode
πŸ–€ Online Gallery also supports Usernames with Unicode Chars
❀ Added Creator names next to the Level Code in game

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This game is awful and changing the UI around and calling it β€œV2” doesn’t help.


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