Team Sonic Racing on Switch makes it near impossible to play online in a team with friends

Riding solo

Team Sonic Racing is available on Switch, and it does let you play online. If you're looking to play in a team with friends, that situation is going to involve a TON of luck.

On PS4/XB1, Team Sonic Racing uses the party/invite systems of the hardware. On Switch, without that hardware-level system available, SEGA opted to not offer anything. The only way to play online with friends is by hopping in a lobby and hoping everyone lines up correctly. Teams are broken into colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green), and three players are on each team. The first person in a lobby goes to the Blue team, next goes to Green, the next Red, and the next Yellow. In other words, if you want people on your Blue team, you'll have to have the fantastic luck of joining first, then having your friends join in 5th and 9th.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed, as there are numerous other games on Switch that offer up their own solutions to the party/invite system. To think that SEGA/Sumo Digital just ignored it altogether for this version is pretty disappointing.


Wed May 22 19 01:52pm
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What a good time to come home after just buying the game.

This is gonna have me holding off! I was on the fence so I'll stay on the other side unless this gets fixed. Was hoping to play this online with friends. Yikes.

Wed May 22 19 02:45pm
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And the opening video isn't on the cart either.... Wow, SEGA!

Wed May 22 19 04:04pm
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They could have at least had the intro video as free DLC.

Wed May 22 19 05:48pm
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That'll probably happen sooner than later. Still a bad decision. But then again MK11 sold damn well on Switch, so who knows?

I honestly dont blame SEGA. If Nintendo's online service/feature set wasnt so lackluster and lame, I'm sure it would've been there. The Wii U wouldn't have had that problem. You could actually invite and message your friends on that system for free...

It truly is about time that Nintendo do something with their online system! Everybody knows, even Nintendo. I wonder if that is another reason they and MS are such great friends.

Wed May 22 19 03:53pm
Rating: 2

Remember kids - More games, more features, more fun, no party/invite system. What a value at $20 a year!

Indeed, it seems the current in game features are on par with the other systems, it is the system online offering which is lacking. To address this would at the very least mean more work and most importantly more time poured to the Switch veraion and likely miss the simultaneos launch.


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