Yu-No: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound required "content changes" to secure a release in the West


Spike Chunsoft announced a localized release date for Yu-No: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound earlier today, and in a follow-up blog post for the game, the publisher confirmed some content changes for the game in the West. Get full details on those changes below.

We would like to inform the community about the following content changes made to the game in order to secure a release in the West on consoles. The following changes will be included in the localized Nintendo Switch™and PlayStation®4 versions:

Sala Oasis Scene

- A sunbeam is placed over Sala’s naked lower body.


- Some cursor interaction symbols have been replaced with the “investigation” symbol. The story content and gameplay remains the same; only the cursor symbol itself has been replaced.


Wed May 22 19 06:08pm
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The OG Yu-no was known for being a very sexual game (although from what I hear, it wasn't as disgusting or distasteful as a lot of fanservice games these days can get) so I'm not surprised that they not only toned it down for the west, but also had to scale back some stuff for the JPN version. No biggie, the game's content is the same and I still am looking forward to this gem getting localized!

The people who are calling for a boycott over changes as minor as this are really out of their minds.


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