Team Sonic Racing on Switch lacks the game's intro movie

And that's no good

Team Sonic Racing on Switch seems to be mostly content-complete with the other versions, but there's one odd feature not included. The Switch version doesn't include the intro movie found on PS4/XB1. While SEGA hasn't revealed why this is, it's likely related to file size. Team Sonic Racing takes up a bit over 7GB on Switch, which means the retail release could fit on an 8GB card. If the choice was including the cinematic and bumping up cost on game cards, or yanking the intro to fit on a smaller card, I can't blame SEGA for choosing the latter. Hopefully they add the intro via a download in the near future.

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Sega really has a winner here :S

S rank is probably going a bit far here.

if it was to fit on a smaller cart, I'd say that's one thing i wouldnt mind not having on cart personally, so long as the actual content of the game is complete and the game is still very much playable with the cart only on any Switch unit in years from now.

Yeah completely agree with this sentiment. Of all the things to cheap out on and make us download later, at least this one doesn’t affect gameplay, and the cart still contains the full ‘game.’

Yeah. One would probably watch the intro once and then skip it every single time after that.
Plus, if you really wanna see it, there's always Youtube...

The Intro was the best thing with the Sonic Riders games

I just checked out the video on YouTube, it's less than 2 minutes long. According to Nintendo, the game is 6.6GB in size. The data transfer rate of Bluray is 54mbps, which is about 2.5min/GB. If the video was too large to fit on the remaining 1.4GB of the cart then Sega is doing something wrong.

Sega doing something wrong? Neeeeever.

Nintendo's really gotta start spilling their magical compression secrets

Wed May 22 19 11:16pm
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That's the least of this game's problems.
At least complain about things relevant to the game itself, like lack of voice chat or no way to invite your friends.


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