Another finalist for Uniqlo's $10,000 Pokémon competition disqualified due to stealing a design

What in the hell is going on!?

Uniqlo's $10,000 Pokémon competition has turned out to be a big mess. The Grand Prize winner has been disqualified due to selling his design prior to submitting for the contest, and now another finalist has been yanked from the competition as well. The finalist submitted the design above, and it turns out the artwork used was flat-out stolen. Obviously, Uniqlo will no longer be printing a t-shirt featuring this artwork.

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Thu May 23 19 11:09am
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God is money and people will do anything to worship it.

Everybody gets a DQ!

Tis the rules.

as someone who went to school for four years for video game development and graphic design, I'm very disappointed at these people! I also really wish that I knew about this contest, and I would have entered myself.

Thu May 23 19 11:58am
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I agree. Some people are so lazy, they have the nerve to do something so stupid to steal a design done by either a company or someone who worked hard on it.

As an artist myself, I too am disappointed in these people. They don’t deserve to be called an artist.

Thu May 23 19 12:11pm
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I’m a sad Mewtwo because now I can’t get a Mewtwo shirt...

I know! It stinks! Blame the fake artist.

Yeah! Why is no one reporting on this sourcing the original artist?? I'd love to get the shirt from them instead. Awesome design.

Fri May 24 19 05:26am
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The original artist is AJ Hateley I believe. Took me a while to find a proof that they really had this shirt - https://www.instagram.com/p/m7OmrfsYHV/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
But unfortunately, they do not have it available anymore - https://gametee.co.uk/collections/t-shirts


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