Minecraft updated to Version 1.11.4, patch notes available

No new content, all fixes

Minecraft has gotten an update on Switch, bringing it to Version 1.11.4. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

- Fixed several crashes on Nintendo Switch that could occur during gameplay, especially surrounding villager job site blocks
- Fixed issues with Marketplace maps so ‘villager_v2’ works in command selectors again, targeting both V1 and V2 villagers

Additional Fixes from 1.11.3:

- Fixed a crash that could occur when mobs found the nearest attackable mob
- When converting from V1 to V2, villagers now keep their XP level
- Villagers cured of zombification can no longer change their profession if they have enough XP (MCPE-42348)
- Another fix for villagers changing their professions when they’re not supposed to
- Fixed pathfinding so when an entity can’t float, swim, or be amphibious, it can still walk at the bottom of water
- Fixed gamertags and gamerpics of Realms members not appearing on the members list
- The Realms members list no longer returns to the first page when navigating to another page
- When using commands, the villager and zombie_villager target selectors now target both V1 and V2 mob types

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