Mega64 Flame War Theater - "Zelda Wind Waker Reaction Thread"

People were just a bit angry...

On a moonlight eve of 2001, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was debuted in front of eyes around the globe... and in one unified thread, many voices cried out in agony.

I will never, ever forget the vitriol that spread throughout the internet following the reveal of The Wind Waker. Even some of my real-life friends had extremely angry reactions. Man, I can't recall another game in Nintendo's history that caused such a stir based on visuals alone.

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Fri May 24 19 09:56pm
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these videos are golden

I was displeased with Wind Waker when I first saw it. I only saw low-res screenshots at first and nothing in motion because I was on dialup in a small farm town with a 2400 baud modem. But when I finally saw it in motion I could tell what they were going for and I loved it.

I hated it with PASSION when I first saw it... And it turned out to be one of my fav Zelda games eventually. Now ain't that silly? =]<

Gotta admit, I hated it back then and to this day, I still don't like that style, neither in Wind Waker, nor whereever else it is used. But I respect others' opinions Smile

I remember disliking Link's design shown off in those early screenshots. I don't remember hating on the game. I just remember feeling disappointed. Then I saw that E3 2002 trailer (with the Basil Poledouris music) and finally felt the hype.

I was also one of the many that did not like it. If I remember right, it wasn’t because it looked kiddy/ cartoony it just looked bad.

Glad it won me over because WW is one of my favorite zelda’s and toon link is still in my top tier link Incarnations.

Sun May 26 19 01:14am
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Hey, I'm on the first page of that classic thread calling everybody whiny bitches. Oh, Teen Hinph. You so edgy.

I was one of the rare people who liked the art style back then. The game itself, however, remains my least favorite 3D entry. Not a bad game but my least favorite.

I am very glad they brought this series back, didn't seem like it was going to happen so soon only a few months ago.


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