Super Mario 3D World's first Captain Toad stage remade using Nintendo Labo VR Kit's Toy-Con Garage

Going back to where it all started

The Captain Toad gameplay we know and love got its start in Super Mario 3D World, but today it lives on through Nintendo Labo's VR Kit. One fan took an entire day to recreate that first stage using Nintendo Labo VR Kit's Toy-Con Garage. The recreation looks pretty spot-on to me!

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Someone explain this to me. The Labo stuff includes some sort of LittleBigPlanet game creator or something?

You can draw and program your own VR games and worlds. Like VR Mario Paint but for game development

All Labo versions include a creation mode where you can use simple node based programming to make your own games and applications. The VR one has a relatively elaborate 3D creation tools as well.

That's pretty cool. I had no idea, when I'd see these kinds of posts I had assumed it was something someone made using homebrew tools. I don't suppose you can share the things you create with others online?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any online sharing within Labo games. Sad
A huge missed opportunity in my opinion. This missing feature is one of the reasons that stunted Labo’s popularity.

I think the goal of Labo was bringing people together in person rather then focus on an online community that usually has extremely high expectations of what works best for online.


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