RUMOR: More talk of Witcher 3 potentially releasing on Switch

Who would handle the port?

If Witcher 3 is coming to Switch, it would be one hell of an undertaking. The game would certainly tax the hardware, and take a lot of effort to get up-and-running. It would take a special team to get the job done, and today's rumor points to a team that might be able to pull off this Herculean task.

Piggybacking off of yesterday's resurfaced rumor of Witcher 3 on Switch, now we hear that Panic Button might be the team behind the port. If there were ever a developer who would have a chance at pulling this off, Panic Button is the one. They've pulled off some amazing technical feats on Switch before, but there's no doubt this would be their crowning achievement. If Witcher 3 is indeed coming to Switch, we can't think of a better developer to get the job done.

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There have been very few rumours and leaks thus far for this year's E3. Good some are coming now or else it would be really weird =) I have yet to play TW3, but I might just get in on the PS4P anyway. But I'll wait and see if there is any truth in this rumour. If done well I might support it.

A bit off-topic: It's very good that we got a Mario Maker 2 Direct and will get a Pokemon Sword/Shield one soon too. That all just means more time for new games/games we know little about at E3.

Virtuous handled the Switch version of Starlink, right? That is an open world game, unlike most of the more linear projects Panic Button has worked on. Who knows, but I'd think it's safe to say it would be between those two.

Warframe has some large open worlds and Panic Button handled those just fine.

Starlink doesn't even remotely have enough visual oomph to be used as a fair comparison either.

Either way I think it would take a miracle to get TW3 running smoothly on switch while still looking even somewhat decent.

Technically Nintendo would know how to port this game best, but Nintendo still hasn't had the idea to make a dedicated porting studio yet. Only time they had one was super early NST.


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