Super Mario Maker 2 - 10 NEW Details (No amiibo, Unlocks, Meowser, Easter Eggs, & More!)

We've played Super Mario Maker 2, here's 10 of the biggest new details we've learned! We cover amiibo Mystery Mushroom costumes, how Unlocks work, Meowser's surprising attacks, 3D World's fantastic music, Story Mode's gameplay, among other secrets & easter eggs--and tons more!


That's all jolly well & good. But, the real question Is, Is Peachette In the game?

no Amibo support that disappointing now how can i make a Metroid or Legend of Zelda themed level now.

While it does suck that Amiibo support was dropped, it’s not a massive deal breaker for me.

Sucks that I cant play with K.Rool in SMB style. Not a deal breaker but boy was I looking forward to that...


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