GoNintendo Video - Why do you hurt us so, Nintendo!? (Super Mario Maker 2 rant)

The pain of it all...

Earlier today, we shared the news of Super Mario Maker 2 not allowing online co-op play with friends. In the video below, I spend 7 minutes trying to come to grips with that fact.

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Tue May 28 19 08:27pm
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You're a pretty easy going guy, RMC. That's why it's particularly odd to hear you anytime you're down on Nintendo. I've been a fairly cynical Nintendo fan for the past decade or so because of stuff like this. They're always so close to getting things right but consistently "Nintendo it up". So tone deaf about what their fans want.

Online feels like it's a matter of willingness, it also feels like they're still very stubborn to try to imitate the competition and the matter of actually controlling hacking, and modding does seem it's a matter they have little control about.

Also neither as a business nor as a developer pushing innovation, it seems Nintendo likes online play. Since even on their side I don't see that having much value for them. DLC, and updates feels like they care more about those being appealing than their online infrastructure.

I've def also been pretty down on Nintendo since ~2010 or so, it's kinda like I haven't liked their new games for years but I love their older games too much to actually let go of my attachment to them lol

tbh it's getting to the point of amusing when Nintendo does these insanely boneheaded things that only Nintendo would think is a good idea, it's kind of a joke how they're making us pay for online that's worse than their free service LOL

I’m not exactly in the same boat. A lot of their single player experiences (Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey) are better than ever. Yet their multiplayer experiences are laughably bad. Unfortunately these seem to have reduced the frequency of their wonderful solo games.

While I'm not as upset about the lack of Online Friend Co-op (I'm more of a local multiplayer guy myself) like a lot of other people. I can understand why they are so frustrated about all of this.


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