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Update available for Mortal Kombat 11

It's a big one
by rawmeatcowboy
31 May 2019
GN Version 5.0

A pretty sizable update is available for Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch. Check out the full details on this patch below.

General Gameplay Adjustments

· Move list corrections
· Improvements to AI logic
· Fixed several rare online desync causes
· Fixed several Brutalities having incorrect requirements or issues with the description
· Kombat Kard Match Replays when being played in fast forward will no longer sometimes have visual issues
· The game’s version number is now displayed in the Tournament Mode Fighter Select screen
· The camera will no longer sometimes improperly follow the characters briefly when a Delayed Getup is used after certain attacks
· Practice Mode will no longer become unresponsive when changing a character's variation while the AI Enemy Type was set to Record
· All Krushing Blows in Kombo Attack Strings that use the Throw / Front Punch+Front Kick input will now correctly allow either input to be used while Krushing Blow Held Check is on
· Fixed a rare issue when winning a round which could cause the character to visually turn around multiple times before playing their End of Round Taunt
· Slight adjustment to hit pause visuals when a character blocks an attack
· Adjusted throw vulnerable states to remove a 2 frame window when recovering from a block for regular throws and a 1 frame window for special move grabs
· Control no longer returns to the player while AI Fighter is active if the winning opponent performs a Mercy
· Fixed some high attacks and high throws not meeting the conditions for Uppercut Krushing Blows
· You can no longer get the wrong Skin to appear on Fighter Select’s Variation select UI with specific timing
· When playing on a guest account you can now enter Kustomize in the Main Menu (I think you could already do this on Switch)
· Fixed some rare instances of audio quips playing at incorrect times
· Fixed several moves having an incorrect punish window which resulted in a kounter instead of punish
· Corrected some Flawless Block attacks having unintended frame data differences when used as a Getup Attack. The following were adjusted to make them function the same. Cassie (Up+Back Punch), Erron Black (Up+Front Kick), Kotal (Up+Back Punch & Up+Front Kick), Kung Lao (Up+Back Punch), Shao Kahn (Up+Back Punch)
· Added Russian language support
· Added Simplified Chinese language support
- Competitive Mode Variations are now always accessible in Practice Mode under Practice Options P1/P2 Variation as T-I & T-II.
-Fixed several incorrect Demos in tutorial lessons


· Kronika chests will no longer rarely spawn in an inaccessible location
· Fixed a visual issue with Descendant of Apep's belt
· Fixed rare issue that could result in the Elder God Puzzle becoming stuck in an unsolvable state
· Added a run button hint
· Special chests that cost 80,000 and 250,000 coins on initial opening will no longer have that price when refreshed
· The Descendant of Apep will no longer sometimes become stuck in the Torture Halls
· Fixed a bug that could cause The Armory Door to sometimes be closed
· Fixed some rare UI visual issues when a consumable timer runs out
· Soul Shrine related to Shinnok’s Amulet had its price decreased, from 10,000 soul to 1,000 souls
· Fixed rare issue where The One Being door would remain locked after placing all 3 gems


· Fixed several incorrect Demos in tutorial lessons
· Corrected various text issues in tutorial lessons
· Added additional tips to the Basic Tutorial
· Changed the character in the Kombo Limitations and Pressure Defense Lessons, making some tasks easier to perform
· Adjusted some player starting positions in the Grounded Neutral lesson
· Fixed an issue that could prevent progression in the Hit Confirming lesson if the player viewed the Demo at specific timing

Towers of Time

· Players will no longer be removed from the Tower of Time portal if they expire while being played
· Fixed some modifiers’ visual effects appearing during Krushing Blow or Fatal Blow cinematics
· Fixed some modifiers having lingering effects in certain rare situations
· Changed input to exit the game during a Group Battle
· Fatal Blow UI will no longer sometimes not update correctly during Group Battles
· Endurance Fights should now award Flawless Victory correctly
· Improved gameplay performance when using some modifiers

Stage Specific Adjustments

· Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly - Fixed issue with Ice Bomb causing opponent to be grounded while visually in the air under certain circumstances

Character Specific Adjustments

· Baraka - His Throw Krushing Blow requirements no longer sometimes reset after he escapes an opponent's throw
· Baraka - Landing a Back Throw Krushing Blow will no longer allow a Forward Throw Krushing Blow to be done without a failed Throw Escape
· Cassie Cage - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup frames while still on the ground
· Cassie Cage - Flying Glow Kick now requires the correct button to be held when Krushing Blow held check is enabled
· Cetrion - Fixed Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack Up+2 not being immune to air attacks/throws
· Cetrion - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Front Kick) now has the correct visual effect indicating it is invincible
· Cetrion - Tendril Pull will no longer sometimes appear behind Cetrion in certain circumstances
· Cetrion - Rock objects are now properly handled when Cetrion is interrupted out of her throws
· Cetrion - Fixed unintended sound effects sometimes playing when Cetrion’s throws are escaped
· Cetrion - Throws that are escaped no longer count towards the requirement of Splitting Apart Brutality
· D'Vorah - Mother Bug will no longer sometimes changes back to default colors after it has died
· D'Vorah - Widow's Kiss when Amplified will no longer leave webbing on the opponent when it is interrupted with specific timing
· Erron Black - Corrected facial animation to opponent when they are hit by his Towards Throw
· Erron Black - Adjusted the long wait time after his Fatal Blow hits before both players get control of their characters. Frame data is unchanged.
· Frost - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Back Punch) is now correctly immune to jumping attacks & throws, deals 5 damage (from 9) and plays the correct visual effect
· Frost - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Front Kick) now plays the correct visual effect
· Frost - Cryogenic Crown will no longer sometimes go in the wrong direction after performing a cross-up jump attack
· Frost - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup & active frames
· Geras - Gauntlet of the Ages will no longer retaining its charge level after hitting with Uppercut (Down+Back Punch) or Gauntlet of the Ages Krushing Blows
· Geras - Fixed a bug that could cause Body Buster (Towards Back Punch) to sometimes alter the opponents facing
· Geras - Fixed bug that allowed Geras to be able to block during some of the recovery frames of Reverse Time
· Jacqui Briggs - Winning a round with a direct impact hit with Grenade Launcher will no longer sometimes result in damage of time continuing into the next round
· Jacqui Briggs - Tech-Dome will no longer have lingering visual effects when it is interrupted before it activates
· Jacqui Briggs - Fixed some visual issues with Shield Battery Gear item when Jacqui loses a round in certain circumstances and after some Fatal Blows have connected

· Jade - Backward Throw can now award FIRST HIT PROPS!
· Jax - Heat Up mechanic will now work properly after a Mercy is performed
· Jax - Heat Missile will no longer auto correct when second heat missile is fired
· Johnny Cage - Fatal Blow is no longer throw immune during some of its startup frames
· Johnny Cage - Fatal Blow cinematic is no longer visually obstructed by certain foreground objects
· Kano - Getup Attack/Flawless Block Attack (Up+Back Punch) being able to cancel into Fatal Blow for a brief moment during startup
· Kano - Fixed issue with damage over time lingering into next round if last hit is done with Chemical Burn
· Kollector - Fixed (Air) Bag Bomb sometimes missing visual effects when it makes contact with the ground
· Kotal Kahn - Fatal Blow cinematic is no longer visually obstructed by certain foreground objects
· Kotal Kahn - Added controller vibration to damage inflicted by Tonatiuh Beam
· Kung Lao - Kung Lao is no longer able to exit the boundary of the arena while teleporting under certain circumstances
· Liu Kang - Dragon Parry is no longer throw immune during some of its recovery frames
· Liu Kang - Energy Parry while Dragon Fire is active will no longer caused a parry to trigger erroneously in rare circumstances
· Liu Kang - Energy Parry can no longer create multiple projectiles from one single successful parry while Dragon Fire is active
· Liu Kang - Fixed an issue with Bicycle Kick visual effects sometimes being misaligned
· Noob - The Shadow Clone can no longer become attached to the opponent when Shadow Tackle is interrupted during certain circumstances
· Noob - Fixed a visual issue with the Shadow Clone after the For The Brotherhood (Away+Front Punch, Throw, Back Punch) Krushing Blow cinematic
· Raiden - Lightning Bolt no longer auto corrects when amplified
· Raiden - Lightning Storm will no longer sometimes cause issues with the game camera after a practice reset
· Scorpion - Spine Ripper Brutality no longer takes priority over a successful throw escape
· Skarlet - Blood Tentacle is no longer throw immune during some of its startup & active frames
· Sonya - K.A.T. Turret will no longer sometimes disappear when opponent is defeated by K.A.T. Tantrum
· Sub-Zero - Fixed a bug preventing an opponents from being able to Breakaway after being hit by Rising Ice
· Sub-Zero - Fixed rare issue that could cause Sub-Zero to become invisible after Frozen Over End of Round Taunt
· Sub-Zero - Fixed an issue with Slide Amplify visual effects sometimes being misaligned
· Shao Kahn - Fixed a bug preventing an opponents from being able to Breakaway after being hit by Shoulder Charger Amplify
· Shao Kahn - Fixed issue causing D1 and F3 to be set as low parry vulnerable instead of high parry vulnerable
· Shao Kahn - Fixed Fatal Blow cinematic being visually obstructed by certain foreground objects