Detective Pikachu artist shares concept art for a cut museum scene

From the cutting room floor

As has been mentioned in the past, there was a point in time when Detective Pikachu was going to feature a scene in a museum. That ended up not making the final cut of the film, but some of the ideas for that seen have been shared via concept art. Realistic Pokemon artist RJ Palmer took to Twitter to showcase his various ideas for the museum, and it certainly looks like it would have made for a cool moment!

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Would have loved this to have been in the movie. I think we can all hope it may show up in one of the apparently upcoming sequels or movies that are at least set in the Live Action Pokemon Cinematic Universe. (Because they're trying for it, and let's be honest, Detective Pikachu was an amazing start.)

that sad to know this scene got cut for Detective Pikachu, i hope maybe in the sequel the filmaker will put a similiar concept to this.

Conspiracy theory: this didn't get to the production because of Zootopia's museum scene.

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