RUMOR - Potential tease for a Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character?

Dear lord, let this be true...

As we inch nearer to E3, Nintendo fans are reaching critical mass. We're all speculating as to what the Big N will show, as there's certainly going to be a surprise or two. Could one of those surprises be the reveal of the next DLC character? That might be the case, and as long as you don't mind potential spoilers, you can hit the jump to read more.

Resetera admin Shinobi602 has a history of leaking inside info on multiple games, and has been proven right time and time again. That's why people are taking a recent post from Shinobi602 so seriously. In a thread about Banjo-Kazooie, Shinobi602 shared the following statement.

Been a while since we saw Banjo in anything. Hope we’re in for a smashing good time.

That would certainly be a not-so-subtle tease of Banjo-Kazooie appearing in Smash Bros. Ultimate. If that is indeed the case, I think it's safe to say fans would lose their minds. I'd certainly be one of those fans! Let's cross fingers and toes until Nintendo's E3 Direct and hope for the best.


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Tue Jun 04 19 06:59pm
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ICONIC characters, like the 2 generic rambo looking dudes from Contra or the two dudes from Double Dragon! Cmon man, couldn't have gone for something a little more well known, like I'd take Spyro over generic Rambo dudes or Generic Brawler brothers any day

Theres alot of things lining up. Theres a new design for Banjo teased from a figure making company which always releases their figures corresponding with new game releases, like Sonic Mania and Spyro Trilogy.

Some juicy stuff, but don't break my heart again like the Grinch leak

Tue Jun 04 19 06:53pm
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"But now the stupid bear must fight, this battle tests your skill and might!"

Tue Jun 04 19 06:55pm
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Good god, I'd hope not. I want NINTENDO characters as the DLC ones, not ones from other systems. If there's any more third party folks it should be someone iconic like Bill/Lance from Contra or Billy/Jimmy from Double Dragon that people grew up with, not a N64 platform mascot that's forgettable at best. (I do like Kazooie since I'm a big fan of video game birds, but I'd rather have so many others than her, sad to say). And even then, I'd rather only have 1-2 more third party folks and having the rest be Nintendo characters. Joker was already going on the edge of insanity by being totally out of place and this would be almost as weird (though at least BK HAD good history with Nintendo, since it fell into obscurity because of the buyout)

Tue Jun 04 19 06:59pm
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ICONIC characters, like the 2 generic rambo looking dudes from Contra or the two dudes from Double Dragon! Cmon man, couldn't have gone for something a little more well known, like I'd take Spyro over generic Rambo dudes or Generic Brawler brothers any day

What we need is another spikey haired anime boy with a sword.

At the very least, DD and Contra have been ultra long standing franchises that people who grew up with Nintendo worldwide are aware of. Outside of them I could think of Kunio as another pick but he's unknown here (that didn't stop some other characters though) so I guess he would be in the same camp as BK in that a lot of people in certain regions remember him but he's not in many new games nor with worldwide appeal. Still, I'd rather they stick to Nintendo characters.

Wed Jun 05 19 05:36pm
(Updated 2 times)

"At least people grew up with Contra and Double Dragon..."

Yes, because people younger than you don't count. Some people didn't grow up with it, just like we didn't grow up with "The Honeymooners" on TV, because you don't have to be 37 now to have "grown up," in case you think people younger than you don't value their own childhoods. And funniest of all, people who are *kids now* get the least consideration from these types, even though their own childhoods are supposedly holy, people who are kids now can stuff it, the way these people talk.

I didn't grow up with Contra/DD in the 80s, as I was a 90s and an N64 kid too. I discovered those two via the VC/a real NES I was gifted, but one thing I do know is that nearly every teacher who's into gaming that I met has played one of those two games before growing up, just like how people my age have likely played Pokemon at some point. I personally never even knew the BK games existed growing up despite having a N64, but I also didn't have internet until 2006. I did have DK64 and Conker's Pocket Tales though and really didn't like seeing the big M rating on Bad Fur Day when my grandma took me to buy the new conker game, (of course we backed off after seeing... that) so needless to say I've been bitter towards Rare for being out of their minds to make a character suddenly vulgar, though I can't say even if they did bring back friendly Conker and put him in SSB I'd still find it a good pick compared to many other options.

That's just me though. I at least gave the DKC games a shot and was much happier with them and the Land games compared to DK64, so I don't deny Rare had talent, I just don't feel many of their games are really that high in demand for revivals? It would just be out of left field to dig up an obscure old character for the sake of a crossover if they aren't going to make him a mainstay on newer systems. I still think BK would be a far better pick than Joker though since at least he had history on Nintendo systems, so I'll buy the pass if they release him. I'd just hope they'd pick some first party characters afterward.

Thu Jun 06 19 08:57pm
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Contra in Europe was Probotector and the Rambos were robots... =)

Which ones are left from the polls?

At least Banjo was actually on a Nintendo system, and isn’t another sword fighter from Fire Emblem. Forgettable at best? It’s one of the most beloved 3D platformers aside from Mario 64. From the writing to the music, one of the greatest games for the N64. It’s fine if you don’t like it, but respect its place in the pantheon of gaming history, at least. Smile

Tue Jun 04 19 07:01pm
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I hate this coy little game that leakers play. "Hope we’re in for a smashing good time." I can just see his eyebrows raising smugly while he earns the adulation of a forum nobody should ever visit. Just say, "Hey, Banjo's going to be in Smash Bros." You're wrecking somebody's announcement either way.


Funny enough this specific leaker in question has always used a profile picture of Wayne Knight as Newman.

That's the idea. He wants you to get your hopes up.

Hmm... I could see it happening... especially if the rumors or Rare Replay coming to Switch turn out to be true (like the Cuphead rumor).

As long as it's his classic look and not that dreadful Nuts & Bolts redesign...

I love banjo and this would be awesome but...
How much time of the Nintendo Direct would take this DLC announcement? Please nintendo, just upload a video on youtube/twitter whenever you show us a new dlc. Dont use this year’s E3 direct to announce dlc, just please..

If anything, I see it being their “wait, there’s one more thing” segment at the end.

Thu Jun 06 19 06:50pm
(Updated 1 time)

Well, that would be ok. I hope you're right!
And If indeed they're gonna use a segment for smash, I hope they at least announce 2 of the dlc characters and a cool update, last update they added video edit and custom stage, maybe next update they can add some home run contest, or break the targets, even a real all-star mode would be a cool addition

Not for or against Banjo. Never played either of his games growing up. The most I know of Banjo is Diddy Kong Racing. I have seen SGB's LP of the game though.

That being said, Banjo IMO is definitely one of the least offensive 3rd party characters they could add because they feel like/have Nintendo history. Id rather have Banjo than someone else like Joker, Cloud, or Snake..

I think I’d rather see Conker than Banjo Kazooie, he’d be a much more interesting character IMO

Tue Jun 04 19 10:26pm
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Banjo would be a better fit than Steve, and would be a much cooler Amiibo. That said, not terribly exciting to me. Hope they announce more than just this for DLC characters. Rare Replay port to Switch would be a very nice thing though!

Tue Jun 04 19 10:34pm
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I’m a little surprised at the lack of Banjo enthusiasm here. This is my #1 most wanted fighter hands down.

While Microsoft now owns the IP, Banjo 1&2 were ICONIC N64 3D platformers which rivaled and in some ways may have even surpassed Mario 64.

The one Banjo game to come out since Microsoft took over the IP, received mixed reviews at best. The Bear & Bird duo are more than worthy of a roster spot. They ooze personality, have a fantastic move pool of attacks to draw from, and come from an extremely fleshed out world to add to the smash universe.

The stage, assist trophy, music, and even item possibilities are nearly endless

Iconic? Banjo-Kazooie sold only 6 million copies lifetime.

And Mario 64 sold around 11-12 million. Where’s the correlation? By that theory, I guess Call of Duty is most iconic gaming franchise. 🧐

Why are you only mentioning Super Mario 64?

Wed Jun 05 19 06:06pm
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Because they’re both iconic platformers from the N64 era and there’s only a few million difference between the two. And I literally mentioned CoD in the same comment. Lmao. You’re being ridiculous. You’re now suggesting it should include all sales from a given series, as if that was clear in your original post. Of course Mario or Zelda or any ongoing franchise have sold more copies (they have like 20+ more entries). You’re acting like Banjo has had tons of titles that didn’t sell; he’s remained relevant by way of only a few games! That should tell you everything you need to know. And that doesn’t discredit Banjo’s place in gaming history. Not sure why you brought up sales in the first place. A million copies was huge back then, most games TODAY would love to have that amount of sales.

How long ago was that? 1997, that's not 2017. That was 22 YEARS ago. Many owners of that game lapsed. & the only fans left who can't get over it are the ones who are buying a Switch & Smash Bros. regardless of who the characters are. Where are many icons in gaming, all of which sold far more copies and don't come with the Microsoft stink to them. Lara Croft, Leon Kennedy, Scorpion, Heihachi, what about their places in gaming history?

You’re mistaken, I wasn’t speaking against the inclusion of those characters. And you’re changing your argument as you go along. I do not think sales determine a franchise’s ability to be an icon. You have no idea how many gamers only own an Xbox One or PC and would buy a Switch if Banjo is in it. It was also part of Rare Replay, a game that sold pretty well. Everything you’ve said is dismissive of everyone else’s tastes just because you don’t like a particular character.

Persona has barely even been on a Nintendo console. Not even a mainline entry, lol. Were you as up in arms over Joker’s inclusion. Joker isn’t a gaming icon. He’s not even an old school character. He was just promotion for a third party’s game.

📍Smash Bros. Fans
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Which characters could |
📍 get more customers to |
purchase Smash Bros? |
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
📍Which characters have games that Nintendo could "promote" for no reason?

And Ocarina of Time sold 7.6 worldwide lifetime. Not a significant difference between them and I think we can agree Oot was/is Iconic.

The N64 System itself didn’t have the sales Nintendo wanted, but I don’t believe sales is what solely determines whether something becomes iconic.

I'm not talking about 1 game, I'm talking about the whole series that is spanning 22 years. If your goal is to try to get outsiders to purchase Switches and copies of Smash Bros. Nobody is going to care about Banjo-Kazooie.

Love how they didn't even get your point and kept bringing up individual games.

Stay ignorant. I guess “nobody cares about Joker” so why include him, right? 😒 While Joker isn’t for me, I at least understand the benefit of having him.

Persona at least has a sizable following that can buy this game, while what's left of Banjo's fanbase are aready Smash Bros. customers & keep begging for him to be in Smash Bros. & thinking the world revolves around them. Stay self-absorbed, I guess.

Source for this info? Oh, yeah, you just made it up. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I'm not the one who is saying 6 million copies in 22 years earns you a "place in gaming history". I've been providing more evidence than you have.

Let's not forget how Persona 5 was nominated for Game of the Year at the Game Awards in 2017, which we all know is the virtual Christmas catalog for gamers. So those Persona fans that bought the game from hearing about it at that event, now can enjoy its main character in Smash Bros.

Thu Jun 06 19 12:33am
(Updated 3 times)

I never said that either, lmao. You’re the one who brought up sales as if it has some correlation to whether or not you’re considered iconic. I think of it like this: some professional sports players never win a championship, doesn’t mean they aren’t great athletes or iconic representatives of their respective sports. Sales =/= how much worth a given character has.

Persona 5 was not on Switch. Nintendo consoles will never get a mainline Persona game, so long as Sony pays for them. Game Awards? Hahaha. And okay, a game that isn’t even 2 years old deserves a representative in Smash over a beloved character? Nah. I doubt most Switch owners even knew who Joker was until the Smash reveal. Based on my personal experience, my friends don’t even know what Persona is; they do know who Banjo is.

Anyways, this conversation is silly. See you online, I’ll be playing as Banjo! :D

Tue Jun 04 19 10:55pm
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As much as people love Banjo, I have a tough time seeing a 3rd party dormant IP getting into Smash. It was an iconic platformer from the N64, but it also was only relevant for about 3 years, 20 years ago. Since then, its only had one mainline game, which wasn't even received well, and that was 11 years ago on a non-Nintendo platform

There could be plans to revive the franchise, though. Smash generates a lot of hype so it'd be a great opportunity.

I feel if he was in SSB64 it would make a bunch more sense. Heck, even SSBM. But as of now he's kinda irrelevant and I don't think it would really have much merit or appeal unless they heavily reboot the series. And after Yooka Laylee, sometimes it may be a good idea to leave stuff in the past (As much as I find Kazooie to be adorable and how I'd happily buy Rare Replay on Switch to jump into those games.)

Banjo's a more Nintendo appropriate inclusion then Joker.

But then who isn't lmao

TBH, I rather wait and see who's going to be the next DLC character then speculate it. Banjo's inclusion would've been surprising and cool though.

One of the greatest things about this would be that it's proof that the supposed leak of DLC characters awhile back is fake, so we could go back to being surprised and excited about the remaining three reveals. If it ends up being Dragon Quest guy or something, then I'll assume that leak was real.

Wed Jun 05 19 01:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

Nice try. I'll never get my hopes up for something like Banjo in smash. I'm not going to let that immense disappointment ruin my fun time with this game.

*Edit - He's in and I'm ecstatic.

To teel you the truth, I would accept Banjo-Kazooie in Smash, because in my mind, they were once Nintendo characters as well as the others from Rare's days at Nintendo (Conker, Joanna Dark, the Killer Instinct cast, the characters of Jet Force Gemini).

I felt the same about Chase McCain from LEGO City Undercover. I was under the assumption that game was made with Nintendo's money, kind of like Bayonetta 2 or Pac-Man Vs.

I'm fine with Banjo, as he at least feels somewhat like a Nintendo character...far more than Bayonetta, Cloud, Joker, or Snake...I just really want this to be fake however, as I really freaking hate Resetera, and I really really hate how much "news" that comes from the gaming sphere is filtered through that place just like it was with Neogaf...the site is complete cesspool with corrupt mods and outright borderline insane members.

Bayonetta is that double edged sword here. But since Nintendo saved her from the cold, cruel streets I think she's a nice addition. Then again I am a HUGE Bayo fan, so I may be somewhat biased on that one.

Yeah at this point I feel Bayonetta is like an adopted 1st/2nd party character to Nintendo. Nintendo helped fund Bayo 2 and Bayo 3. Her sequels have been Nintendo exclusive. Also the games have a very "Nintendo" feel to them to me in the sense that the gameplay in those games come first and they have great replay value. Bayonetta deserves her spot in Smash as far as Im concerned. More than Cloud, Snake, and Joker thats for sure...

Good I'm not alone on that one =) Oh and she fits really good in the quirky Smashverse. The contrasts are so fun in this game (and she is also y first amiibo)

I can agree with Cloud and Joker. Even though I find Cloud to be a darn good fighter and the Midgard stage is a big fav... Also Joker's stage is great... But I get it. But Snake? Come on. I was playing Metal Gear as a kid on the NES like crazy. Loved that game and it sure is a part of Nintendo's history.

Oh well. It is what it is. We'll see four-ish days who the next fighter is.

I get that they paid for Bayo 2, but I don't think that means she should be in Smash.

Bayo 2 and now Bayo 3. And without Nintendo sweeping in and helping out those two games would never exist. I think, just for that, it's fair to have her in Smash. Bayo 2 was a shock to the entire game industry in so many ways. Way more deserved than Joker and Cloud.

Yeah I disagree. But to each their own.

Bayo 2 and now Bayo 3. And without Nintendo sweeping in and helping out those two games would never exist. I think, just for that, it's fair to have her in Smash. Bayo 2 was a shock to the entire game industry in so many ways. Way more deserved than Joker and Cloud.


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