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Pokemon Direct 6/5/19 - Full presentation recap

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by rawmeatcowboy
05 June 2019
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Are you ready for 15+ minutes of information on Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out the live-stream above, or read up on the live-blog below!

- visit grasslands, towns with humans/Pokemon working together, and more locations
- Pokemon battles are broadcast on TV in the regions
- Wooloo is a Sheep Pokemon with fluffy fur treasured by weavers
- Gossifleur is a Flowering Pokemon, and it favors places with clean air/water, and its pollen has a healing nature - Drednaw is a Bite Pokemon, which can bite off chunks of rock and iron, and it has a vicious nature
- Corviknight can work as a flying taxi to take players back to any town they've previously visited
- the 'Wild Area' stretches between cities and is filled with different Pokemon depending where you are/weather
- while adventuring in the Wild Area, you can move the camera in any direction, fish, and search far and wide
- battle Pokemon you spot running around on the map, as battles are no longer random
- Pokemon hiding in tall grass are marked as exclamation points
- Dynamax makes your Pokemon giant for special battles, and boosts their power as well
- Dynamax can be used once per battle, and lasts for 3 turns
- in the Wild Area, you can connect to new players to take on Max Raid Battles to fight giant Pokemon
- in Max Raid Battles, the Pokemon your fighting will stay giant the entire time, and only one player can use Dynamax
- if you win the battle, you'll have a chance to capture the giant Pokemon
- Max Raid Battles can be done online or through local multiplayer
- Leon is a Champion in the Gala Region, and he has an undefeated record in official matches
- Leon's younger brother, Hop, is your rival. Hop wants to become champion like this brother, and trains every day
- Leon's journey starts on the same day as yours
- Professor Magnolia is the professor of the region, and Sonia is her grandaughter/assistant
- Pokemon Gyms in the region have to be taken on to become champion, and gyms are constructed in special locations
- Gym leaders have special Dynamax Pokemon, which will make for massive, explosive battles
- Milo is the Grass Type Gym Leader
- Zacian and Zamazenta are two Legendary Pokemon in the region, representing Sword and Shield
- due out Nov. 15th, 2019 globally