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Are you ready for 15+ minutes of information on Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out the live-stream above, or read up on the live-blog below!

- visit grasslands, towns with humans/Pokemon working together, and more locations
- Pokemon battles are broadcast on TV in the regions
- Wooloo is a Sheep Pokemon with fluffy fur treasured by weavers
- Gossifleur is a Flowering Pokemon, and it favors places with clean air/water, and its pollen has a healing nature - Drednaw is a Bite Pokemon, which can bite off chunks of rock and iron, and it has a vicious nature
- Corviknight can work as a flying taxi to take players back to any town they've previously visited
- the 'Wild Area' stretches between cities and is filled with different Pokemon depending where you are/weather
- while adventuring in the Wild Area, you can move the camera in any direction, fish, and search far and wide
- battle Pokemon you spot running around on the map, as battles are no longer random
- Pokemon hiding in tall grass are marked as exclamation points
- Dynamax makes your Pokemon giant for special battles, and boosts their power as well
- Dynamax can be used once per battle, and lasts for 3 turns
- in the Wild Area, you can connect to new players to take on Max Raid Battles to fight giant Pokemon
- in Max Raid Battles, the Pokemon your fighting will stay giant the entire time, and only one player can use Dynamax
- if you win the battle, you'll have a chance to capture the giant Pokemon
- Max Raid Battles can be done online or through local multiplayer
- Leon is a Champion in the Gala Region, and he has an undefeated record in official matches
- Leon's younger brother, Hop, is your rival. Hop wants to become champion like this brother, and trains every day
- Leon's journey starts on the same day as yours
- Professor Magnolia is the professor of the region, and Sonia is her grandaughter/assistant
- Pokemon Gyms in the region have to be taken on to become champion, and gyms are constructed in special locations
- Gym leaders have special Dynamax Pokemon, which will make for massive, explosive battles
- Milo is the Grass Type Gym Leader
- Zacian and Zamazenta are two Legendary Pokemon in the region, representing Sword and Shield
- due out Nov. 15th, 2019 globally


Pokemon Chronicles of the Wild.

Oh man Drednaw looks awesome! Love the color palette! Also Wild Areas look promising as well.

I do think he looks cool, but I couldn't help but laugh when the guy said "his razor sharp teeth" (paraphrased) and we see the teeth that look very rounded due to the art style(?)

Damn! That exploration! That music! AND THE UI! IT WAS SO CLEEEEAN!

I really want this game. Looks like Pokémon in the BotW engine.

If you pay attention, it's anything but like BotW.

The wild area seems like an isolated area, the rest of the game will play normally it seems.

I said "engine" ;) The game is really different, which is good. Not every game needs to be BotW.

When they said "one more video" take a look at the end. I thought we were gonna get ANOTHER Pokemon character in Smash Bros. my heart was about to sink. Thank God it was just the legendaries. That being said I would've accepted another Pokemon eventually over another out of place barely any Nintendo history 3rd party character thats for sure...

I'll admit, I'm not very encouraged by what they've shown us. I've been hoping for an overhaul of the way Pokemon works, to freshen it up. This looks like the same old Pokemon with another dumb gimmick, "Dynamax". It's like Mega-evolution and Z-Moves again. But I suppose there's still some new details to learn about.

I do like the designs of the new Pokemon so far, though.

November. Just in times for the holidays. Nintendo are so going to "win" 2019. Damn excited for a surprise or two at E3 also.

Next year when the PS5 and NextBox are out the tables will turn, but the Switch is killing it now. Good for Ninty =)

Battles are exaggerated. Is there a motive to have those giant battles?


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