Platinum 'guarantees' Astral Chain will be good, says Bayonetta 3 is 'going smoothly,' teases new projects, and gives hope for The Wonderful 101 on Switch

Platinum has TONS going on!

There's no doubt we're going to hear more about the various projects PlatinumGames has been up to at this year's E3. While we wait for those details, Platinum Games executive director and producer Atsushi Inaba and game designer Takahisa Taura sat down with Gematsu to share status updates and tease a few things to come.

On 2019 titles and other new titles

Inaba: “Well first, Taura’s Astral Chain is going to be released. And other than that there’s potential to release news about new titles we have on the way. And all this news would bring a major change to Platinum Games, I believe.”

On bringing up the idea of porting The Wonderful 101 to Switch

Inaba: “Yeah, I think I said that on multiple occasions. And I’m glad that I did. So if you could be patient with it, that’ll be great.”

On Bayonetta 3 development

Inaba: “Sorry, again we can’t share anything. Although I can assure you, development is going smoothly. So please wait for further updates.”

On Astral Chain

Inaba: “We want to share more, but we can’t.”

Taura: “It’s not far from release, so there will be news soon. ...Astral Chain is coming out on August 30, so stay tuned for more information. We hope you can get a copy of the game and enjoy it, and we can guarantee that its good.”


“Honestly guys, this game isn’t going to be very good.”

The game..... is not fun.

Sat Jun 08 19 12:13pm
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I disagree. I personally believe that Astral Chain is gonna be an excellent game. This is evidently Taura's very first game. Since he's one of the designers of NieR: Automata, I have the utmost confidence that Astral Chain is gonna be one of Nintendo and Platinum Games' most successful niche title.

Oh I was just messing around. I just think it's funny he was insisting his game was going to be good... because can you imagine a developer saying that their game will be bad? Platinum isn't in the habit of making bad games. Well, except for Star Fox Zero. That game was garbage.

Explain to me why ST0 was "garbage" please. And why it's Platinum's fault.

Because the controls were god awful and it wasn't very fun to play as a result. It didn't help that it was banking heavily on Starfox 64 nostalgia. Controls were bad, it was a pain to look back and forth between two screens and the presentation was devoid of creativity. Garbage. Platinum is at least partially at fault because they had a hand in developing, although Miyamoto's influence might be mostly to blame. They have a great track record but Starfox is definitely a blemish.

To each their own. I actually liked the controls. Took a minute or two to get used to, but they did it was a smooth ride all they way to the end, which was pretty darn good. But again, to each their own.

I wish the game didn't hit all the wrong notes for me. Oh well, I'm glad at least it was more to your liking.

The only thing I found a bit odd with the controls were doing barrel rolls with the stick and not shoulder buttons. That's it =)

No worries... you're completely forgiven.

I swear if we dont see Bayo 3 at E3, Im going to lose it..

I'm going to enjoy this.

The game has been in development for over two years and has been in "smooth development" for some time now. I am pretty sure we'll see something. Not saying a 10 minute reel with shitloads of gameplay and story (I wish) but at least a new trailer and some details. If not....I'll lose it more than anyone else...

"And all this news would bring a major change to Platinum Games, I believe.”
I hope those rumours of a Microsoft acquisition aren't true.

Between Microsoft abandoning Scalebound and Platinum Games recently announced plans to begin publishing their own work, Microsoft buying Platinum would be a... very strange thing to happen...

Stranger things have happened.

Sat Jun 08 19 01:17am
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I sincerely hope that they port The Wonderful 101 to the Switch. The game deserves more love than it received on the Wii U.

Sat Jun 08 19 04:35am
Rating: 1

Like a month ago, i played Wonderful 101 to completion, and man, that game is so freaking underrated! I want a switch port, Nintendo! So people can enjoy such a cool game in all its glory!

Also, can't wait for Astral Chain. I love Platinum games, and i'm ready for this one (especially since Bayo 3 is probably going to take more time to be finished).

Yes, Wonderful 101 is one of the best WiiU titles in my opinion and would be very welcome on the Switch.

Sat Jun 08 19 08:05am
Rating: 2

Really hope Wonderful 101 comes to the Switch in the future.
Looking forward to all upcoming PlatinumGames... Games..

Wonderful 101 was really cool, but I wasnt a fan of the controls. I hope they update them for the Switch.

W101 without the gamepad it was designed for seems a bit off. And a game with such detail on the Switch's screen alone woud be crap. Rather they should focus on Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain from and whatever new games they have.

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