Cadence of Hyrule devs detail their inspiration for Link and Zelda's movesets in the game

Inspired by the classics

Cadence of Hyrule is coming out sometime this month, yet there's so much we don't know! It's very clear that Nintendo wants to keep a lot of this game secret, as they'll most likely detail new aspects at E3 this year. That said, a few small tidbits on the title have come out this week, thanks to a 4Gamer interview.

4Gamer sat down with Lead designer Oliver Trujillo, Brace Yourself CEO Ryan Clark, and Spike Chunsoft’s Riku Nikaido to discuss numerous aspects of the title. In the snippet below, translated by NintendoEverything, we learn about where Link and Zelda's movesets in the game come from.

4Gamer: You’re right – puzzles are a big part of the Zelda series. In the trailer on the site there is a scene with Link using his spin attack and also one with Zelda using Nayru’s Love and Din’s Fire like she does in Smash Bros. Did you design their move set with all of their different game appearances in mind?

Trujillo: We did. The games of the Zelda series itself are a given, but we also looked at those cross-overs too. It’s rare that Zelda is a playable character in games, so we mainly focused on her abilities in Smash Bros.

Clark: We chose actions and attacks that would look good matched with the beat of the game. I think all of the actions have been made to fit the NecroDancer system really well, so I think they will be a lot of fun in the finished game.


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