Broken Switch game cards can permanently damage your Switch, warns repair shop

Safety first

Here's a word of warning for you. Always check your Switch game cards before you insert them into the Switch. This is doubly important when purchasing a used game. It turns out a damaged Switch game card could permanently ruin your Switch, making it unable to read game cards altogether. The issue comes from bent pins on a game card, which do damage to the Switch when you slot them in. Apparently its become quite an issue in Japan, as a repair shop/second-hand store put out a warning about this issue.

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Another reason why digital>physical

Eh. I ordered a third party game case with reviews that warned of breaking these plastic guides (not pins) and causing permanent problems to the card reader's pins. I have the case, the fit is annoyingly specific to the direction you insert the card, but obviously this kind of breakage comes from severe carelessness. Stepping on lose cartridges, mashing them into iffy game cases, storing them loosely in a pouch or pocket and letting that get squashed, things like this.

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Well thankfully the Game Card Reader Slot, along with the Headphone jack, is connected to the motherboard with 2 detachable ribbon cables (thick one for Game Card and the other one being somewhat thin for the Headphone jack) so it's easily replaceable
But that's not to say I could be careless with this problem :P

Who the hell purposefully damages the game card and sells them? Like that's odd

What's also odd is how you can make this n
Break the card reader...


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