Pokemon News - New Grookey move, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon/Sun/Moon distribution, North American championships info, Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION screening

The Pokemon world keeps on buzzing

New move for Grookey

- found via a screenshot on the Japanese site for Pokemon Sword and Shield
- move is used by Grookey and is shown to do decent damage
- no official name for this move yet

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon 2019 North American International Championships distribution

- 2019 North American International Championships distrubtion for Columbus, Ohio revealed
- all players and visitors in attendance will be able to download an East Sea Gastrodon
- this is based on the Gastrodon used by 2018 World Champion Paul Ruiz
- Gastrodon comes at Level 50 with the Modest Nature, Storm Drain Ability and the moves Earth Power, Ice Beam, Recover, Protect
- you don't need a badge to receive the Gastrodon

Pokémon Championships streaming info

- running from June 21st through 23rd, 2019
- VGC commentators are Adam Dorricott, Scott Glaza, Duy Ha, Gabby Snyder & Aaron Zheng
- TCG commentators are Cora Georgiou, Jeremy Jallen, Josue Rojano, Kyle Sabelhaus, Kyle Sucevich & Kenny Wisdom
- Pokken Tournament DX commentators are Michael “H2” Graf, Evan “WonderChef” Hashimoto, Brendan “Burnside” Hansen
- Friday June 21st from 09:15 EDT will be Pokémon TCG and Pokémon video game match coverage
- Saturday June 22nd from 08:45 EDT will be Pokkén Tournament DX, Pokémon TCG, and Pokémon VG match coverage
- Sunday June 23rd from 10:00 EDT will be Final matches for Pokkén Tournament DX, Pokémon TCG, and Pokémon VG

Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION special screening

- movie to be screened during Anime Expo in Los Angeles on July 4th, 2019
- there will be a Q&A and autograph session with Kunihiko Yuyama and Motonori Sakakibara, the movie's directors
- Rica Matsumoto, the Japanese voice actor for Ash, will be present as well
- takes place in Hall B in the Los Angeles Convention Center


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