Retailers add Metroid and Pikmin Switch placeholders to their websites

We'll find out the truth in a few minutes!

With less than a half-hour to go before today's Nintendo Direct E3 2019, retailers are still making decisions that have us speculating up to the last minute. A Swiss retailer has added up a listing for Pikmin 4 on Switch, complete with some random, fan-made cover art. On top of that, Walmart has added a listing for Metroid with a placeholder cover. Will either of these pop up during today's Direct? we'll find out VERY soon!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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A Pikmin 4 reveal is almost a given after so much time now. But if it's Metroid it's pretty obvious NOT MP4. We all know that. But that rumoured Prime Trilogy...

What about Mercury Steam making another 2D Metroid?

Could happen for all I know, but the last game wasn't that long ago, so I doubt a brand new game. And the MPT rumour has been around several months now.

We'll see soon =)

Tue Jun 11 19 01:55pm
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Oof. I'm glad I make a habit of staying off the news sites on Direct days until after the show. I can't imagine that the people that read this weren't a little disappointed by Metroid and Pikmin's absence.

These were the two games I specifically told my friends I was certain WOULDN'T be at E3.


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