Pokemon Home users can only transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Sword & Shield if they are part of the Galar Pokedex

Nintendo revealed some new Pokemon Home information during today's Nintendo Treehouse segment on Pokemon Sword and Shield. The dev team mentioned that Pokemon Home users can only transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Sword & Shield if they are part of the Galar Pokedex.


Wait, that doesn't sound right.

This must be their strategy to ensure balance in the games (and encourage folks to buy new remakes) going forward - seems like they won't have a National Dex, like gen 7.

Man, I love Pokémon but GameFreak always finds ways to screw it up in the most baffling ways...

This would be the first main-series game EVER to not have every single Pokémon released until then. That's always been one of the coolest things about the Pokémon franchise. This is just wrong.


Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee didn't. Pretty sure those are main games.

I completely forgot that those games existed. xD

Tue Jun 11 19 01:48pm
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I think people are going to overreact about this. Honestly the Pokedex is getting massive, and if people want to get the Pokemon games out as fast as possible (as many fans do), something like this needed to happen.

There are other positives to this as well.

  • Returning Pokemon become more valuable when they return to games.
  • Competitions become better regulated
  • They can add more new Pokemon to the games without adding workload.
  • Pokemon personalities and animations can be improved further because of the lower workload.

Nobody uses every single one of the Pokemon they have gathered in each game, and they're likely thinking ahead on which Pokemon to include in which games so all in all, each generation gets the full spectrum of the Pokedex.

Tue Jun 11 19 02:06pm
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I think a pokemon intervention is needed. I really think game freak/ pokmon Co need to slow down on new generations. Like you said it's beginning to be too many. Besides do we need a new Ratatta for every region?

They could instead focus on telling compelling stories with the mons already created.

Tue Jun 11 19 02:16pm
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They COULD focus on telling compelling stories with existing Pokemon, but for many people (including myself) the most exciting part of a new region is the new Pokemon that I find.

So after you beat the story and unlock the national dex, you'll be able to transfer them all eventually. That's what it sounds like to me.

Gen VII games didn't have a National Dex.

Oh my bad. I stopped playing pokemon core games for the most part. So I guess I never found that detail out til now. That's interesting but I'm sure theyll bring back a lot

But you still transfer all Pokemon to those games.

Yep. That doesn't seem to be the case for Sword & Shields, sadly.

Honestly doesn't make sense to transfer things to Home if they have no use in the current generation. Just means my perfect IV shiny Chandelure I just was raising is gonna be stuck in Home for years

It's entirely possible that Chandelure will be in Sword and Shield (and thus the Galar dex), so don't give up hope yet!

I find this a massive letdown. I skipped Sun / Moon as I was getting Pokémon fatigue (I mean, a new title every year). Was ready to dive back into Sword / Shield and give it my all, but this totally undermines the collection aspect of the series.

How can I catch them all now?

By sending them to home and having a perfect collection there, not having to replicate it each games. It WAS tedious after so many generation.

So basically by having to pay an additional subscription service for a feature that may not offer the tracking functionality of the pokédex? I mean, sure, if you're going for live dex it'll work out.

They still haven't said if there would be a fee for this service. Maybe it feed off of Nintendo Online

I hope it feeds off Nintendo Online. So far the service has been announced for Switch, Android and iOS so if you login with your Nintendo account it is possible.

If anything, doesn't this make it easier to catch them all? The Pokédex will be trimmed enough to make it viable again instead of having to catch 800+ Pokémon

It's not really catching them 'all' if you're using a trimmed list of every pokémon, is it? We'll have to settle on "Gotta catch 'em all (within your local region!)™"

It will certainly be easier, however there's a challenge in actually getting 800+, and the accomplishment that brings. It's akin to Korok seeds in BotW: You don't need to get them all, but for completion's sake you want to.

I see. I can understand and respect that, but I am of the opposite opinion. Having a trimmed list makes it inviting again for me to try to catch them 'all'. I haven't attempted that since around gen 4, because the list of Pokémon was just so big, it was... daunting

I'm surprised that any of you are surprised by this. Let's Go only had 153 Pokemon, and you really think in the short time since those games that they've created HD models of all remaining 809 past-gen Pokemon and their various forms?

Let that number sink in EIGHT HUNDRED NINE

And let's be honest, even if all Pokemon are currently programmed in, they still wouldn't let you transfer as easy as Pokemon Stadium did. They've neutered the feature before and they'll do it again. Yes it sucks, but just wait till the third versions/sequels/gen IV remakes for them to relax the restrictions and turn normal transferring into a selling point.

Tue Jun 11 19 10:18pm
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Youre wrong since they’re using the same models from sun and moon. All the Pokemon will be there trust me, this was confirmed to be a hardcore pokemon game, and my guess is that you will have to finish the game to unlock the national dex as in the other games..

Sun and Moon didn't have a National Dex, though

Bit that didn’t stop you from being able to transfer all Pokemon via Pokemon Bank.

No. But for Sword and Shield, it will stop me, like they said. They won't have all the Pokémon in the game. (Ultra) Sun and (Ultra) Moon were the last games to allow that


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