The suggested retail price is to high.

Yeah I was hoping for something in the $40 range

I agree with everybody here. I'm not paying $60 for a such a simplistic remake out of principle. I'll wait.

I'm absolutely in love with that box art.

People here still complaining about the 60$ price?

Have fun not enjoying this beauty of a game.

To be fair, I can see why people think this is too much. It's more expensive than the original, which wasn't really any less impressive at its time. Production on this couldn't have been too expensive either, since it's not exactly the largest game, and it's tile-based to boot. Right now, this game is listed as more than I paid for BotW, which is insane to think about

If you can justify Metroid Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Ocarina of time, Majora's mask and especially wind waker for their price being worth then it's only fair that you should justify Link's Awakening.

Not really. The remasters of OoT and MM were cheaper than the originals, despite having more graphical fidelity and some added functionality. Wind Waker, I think, was the same price as the original.

I'm not too familiar with Metroid games, but that remaster on 3DS was also cheaper than the original, despite being completely redesigned both from a gameplay and graphics perspective.

The only time when a remaster cost more than the original is here with Link's Awakening (and plenty of people are not okay with it) and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (which almost everyone was not okay with, even making jokes about how Funky Kong costs 10 dollars).


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