Nintendo says their female audience likes seeing Luigi as the lead character

Who doesn't?!

Mario gets enough time in the spotlight, doesn't he? It's always nice when someone else steps in, especially his brother, Luigi. According to a Eurogamer interview with Nintendo's Bill Trinen, female audiences in particular are fond of seeing Luigi as the leading man in a game. Looks like those ladies have some wonderful taste!

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Like Loki:

- Green outfit.
- Popular but misunderstood
- Both having names starting with L

It's close to be pattern. For when you want to make a male character that appeals to women.

So I guess I'm a woman now.

This female audience can also be very degenerate at times.

They took an innocuous render of Luigi from Mario Tennis Aces as a sign of his penis length.

It’s because of those photos of him that leaked online...

I seriously don't get why Luigi isn't playable in SMO. He totally could make a lot of the power moons easy to get compared to the constant Cappy jump you have to do for Mario.


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