Switch Online NES Collection - Version 2.6.0 now live (City Connection, Double Dragon II, Volleyball, TwinBee SP)

Grab your new NES games today!

The Switch Online NES Collection has been updated to Version 2.6.0. As was revealed a couple weeks back, this update includes City Connection, Dboule Dragon II, and Volleyball. The bonus game this time around is TwinBee SP, which starts of at stage 6 and on the highest difficulty.

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Wed Jun 12 19 04:22am
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I watched this Jim Sterling video the other day about the awful Nintendo Online service.

And how people have had enough, look how the likes versus dislikes have changed over the past few months on Youtube. The service is pants, it looks like we're not even getting SNES games any time soon.

Edit: Sorry, for some reason I put the wrong link in the above video. I've changed it now.

Don't think anyone needs a videolike this to know how crap it is. Sheesh.. Nintendo could have hit the ball out of the atmosphere this E3 by adding a LOT of NES games and announcing SNES...Or even having SNES games ready after E3. Well, they had a pretty good E3 anyway, but Nintendo have to do something with their nonsense online service A.S.A.P.

Wed Jun 12 19 12:47pm
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I'm barely playing any of the legacy games tbh. I've just been playing new ones. I dont think theres time to play every single game Nintendo has to offer. They'd cannibalize their sales. Everyone wants Nintendo to cater to them. I'd personally love more GBA games, but most of the games I like arent even Nintendo 1st party titles so i could literally care less. I'm having fun just paying for it for Splatoon, MK8D, and Smash.

Wed Jun 12 19 12:55pm
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Yeah, but that's YOU! There are a lot of people who want more VC/Legacy games. And not everyone can have all those retro consoles and games either (trust me, it's expensive and it takes up a loooot of space). SO why screw up the perfectly working VC for this CRAP?

Is it me or is city connection hard to control?

Hey guys we don't want you downloading roms on the internet so here is 2-3 games a month. Oh you want to play SNES? Too bad.


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