Animal Crossing: New Horizon doesn't lock hairstyle/facial features to gender

Be who you wan't to be

In previous Animal Crossing games, players were given a quick quiz in the beginning of the game to determine gender, and then a select set of options were available. According to Animal Crossing: New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku, that's no longer the case. She shared the following info in an interview with Polygon.

“Right from the start, you’ll be able to choose the way you want to look. All the facial parts or hairstyles are all gender-free. So you can select from a pool of hairstyles and facial features and then they’re also changeable at any point in the game. So if you feel like a certain way one day, then you can make that change pretty easily.”

This includes hair color and style, eye color, facial features, you name it. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to change skin color, which was mentioned in a separate feature we posted yesterday.


I like that it's not gender locked, but I hate being able to change it at any time. For one it defeats the idea of creating a character, and for two it means no shampoodle, or any other NPC who would give you haircuts.

Was this a restriction in past Animal Crossing? Surprising. I remember miis could mix and match back in 2006

Well, it was mostly for immersion. If you wanted a different hairstyle, then you had to visit an NPC and get your hair cut, and stuff like that. But your face and gender are set forever, which were determined by answering simple questions at the start of the game

I love that. Restrictions on this kind of stuff are completely unnecessary and can only alienate people.


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