Luigi's Mansion 3's story mode will have elements from the first Luigi's Mansion

Some scary good changes

Next Level Games said they've listened the to criticisms of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and they're out to fix things up with Luigi's Mansion 3. The developers are revisiting how story mode is handled, and the team is going to take an approach that borrows elements from the original Luigi's Mansion. This most likely means more exploration throughout a bigger environment, rather than constantly revisiting locations for new missions.

On top of that, Next Level once again said that they're going to bring back the portrait/character ghosts approach from the original Luigi's Mansion, which means more unique ghost encounters this time around.

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I'm really happy with how this game is turning out. It already looks way better than Dark Moon.

I'm excited! I loved playing Luigi's Mansion during the GCN launch so I totally can't wait for Luigi's Mansion 3!

Speaking of which...I really need to get a copy of Wave Race: Blue Storm.

The first trailer had me worried, it looked like a port of Dark Moon. It looks 100 times better now, everything I've seen looks great and the movie theater section legitimately made me laugh a few times

This game looks and sounds more incredible by the minute. Im so happy to get portrait ghosts back!

I haven't played any of the previous two games but I'm kinda interested in this one, can anyone tell my why this is good news?

While the second game improved upon the first in many ways (gameplay elements, puzzles, environments, etc) it did change things up a bit. Rather than one big mansion to explore like the first game, Dark moon featured multiple smaller mansions and a mission based structure that people weren’t too crazy about.

In an addition to this, the first game featured many larger than life ghost boss characters that were missing from the second game.

It seems like 3 will be a best of both worlds type of game and I’m very excited.

Thanks for the info!

Haven't seen footage of this but if it's going to bring elements of the first game, I'm interested!


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