Nintendo won't say whether Zelda is playable in Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

It's a secret to everybody

After the debut of the trailer for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, many people have been wondering if you'll be able to play as Zelda. It's all just speculation as of right now, but what does Nintendo have to say? Kotaku asked Eiji Aonuma himself about playing as Zelda, and he offered up this response.

“A lot of people have been asking that, and so I want to ask you, why do people think that?"

Kotaku's reporter offered up this response to Aonuma's question.

“Well it seems like it’d make sense, because at the end of Breath of the Wild she was freed, so now she can be a protagonist. Also, I think people have wanted it for a long time.”

Aonuma responded with the following.

“I see...(laughs), but I can’t tell you.”

Aonuma was also asked how many playable characters are in the sequel, which was another question he couldn't answer.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


this teasing is unreal. I want to take this as evidence that she's probably playable but who knows. This is the same guy who randomly asked that crowd if they wanted skyward sword for switch when it probably doesn't exist

I'd love for Zelda to be playable. If she's not, I'll still be quite happy to team up with her like in Wind Waker. Just having a friend with you in a dungeon is a lot of fun, especially if it expands your abilities.

See this I can get behind as opposed to all the "female Link" nonsense that plagued the first games development. Also they planned to have you play though Zelda's story in Skyward Sword, I think it's likely that we'll get a playable Zelda.

The game was just announced and is still in development, i think they can add her in playable form if she isnt playable yet...and after cadance of hyrule, they dont have excuse to dont make her playable

Breath of the Wild 2 will have online co-op? With playable Zelda....

Probably not but a man can dream....

Even local would be appreciated.

I really hope this turns out to be the case, and I think Nintendo know people want it. I heard someone saying that they've cut Zelda's hair so that she's easier to animate as a playable character lol

I would hope they know after all the speculation about Link being female in Breath of the Wild. Give the people what they want!

The only thing that makes me question whether they’ll go through with Zelda being the main character (and not just a co-op player as some are hoping for) is that she talks. Link is silent in every game so he can be an avatar for the player but this Zelda already has a strong personality...it’d be a different feel to BotW for sure. Maybe they’d just make her silent for everything but cut scenes, like she won’t respond to NPC conversations and so on. Or maybe they’ll actually just go for it and have interactions that you wouldn’t usually get in a Zelda game

Either way, I would love to have Zelda be the protagonist in this.

Wed Jun 12 19 04:05pm
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I'd say the chances of her being the main protagonist are pretty low, but I could see her being a co-protagonist with Link. Like they are technically both always there, but in non cutscene situations you choose who to control, and in cutscenes they are both there. Then I am guessing she would only talk in cutscenes. And this would open the door for coop, allowing both of them to be used at the same time.

Sorta like an RPG in that sense, where it only shows your party leader despite them all being there technically

A local co-op Zelda would be awesome. I hope she is playable for that reason.

There we go, Zelda is playable. Confirmed. Now it makes more sense for Zelda to be in the title of the series.

All I'm wondering is where is Linkle?


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