Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct "Doug Bowser" joke needed some explanation for Japanese audiences

Bowser meets Bowser

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct, there was a joke about Nintendo America president Doug Bowser sharing his name with Nintendo's top villain. This didn't need any explanation in Europe or North America, but needed some context in Japan. Nintendo added in some subtitles, addressing Bowser as “King Bowser” and Doug Bowser as “Nintendo of America President."

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In Japan, they refer to him as Doug Koopa.

Makes sense, since Bowser is known as Koopa in Japan.

Probably in other parts of the world that follow Japanese Mario terminology (if any) they needed explanation, too.

In Japan, they refer to him as Doug Koopa.

This is the best thing in the entire direct. I don't know why simple things like this make me smile but I'm happy.


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