Aonuma discusses Zelda's frequent remakes, and why Dampé heads up Zelda: Link's Awakening's new Chamber Dungeon feature

Dampé if you do, Dampé if you don't

Game Informer had the chance to ask Eiji Aonuma a bunch of questions about the upcoming Zelda: Link's Awakening remake. They started by asking why the Zelda franchise sees so make remakes/remasters, as compared to other Nintendo franchises.

"I think why Zelda does get remade or remastered or ported a lot is because there's no one game style or art style. Every time there's a different art style or different gameplay. There's so much variety. So when we remake, they originally have all these different elements, but we can keep on incorporating new elements and introduce new gameplay or new excitement into these games. So when I create a remake or reimagining of a Zelda game, I always incorporate something new or fresh."
The 'something new' in Link's Awakening is the Chamber Dungeon feature, which lets you drag/drop chambers to create your own dungeon. This new feature is being headed up by Dampé, who wasn't originally in Link's Awakening. Why was he slotted in for this remake?

"We understand that just creating a dungeon from nothing is very hard to do. That's why we introduced the character Dampé to be the keeper of the dungeons. He will give you challenges to complete by creating a dungeon with the challenges he gives you.

He's always been this mysterious character. If you remember him in Ocarina of Time, he was a gravekeeper and there was a dungeon beneath a grave, and there's a lot of things that are a little bit mysterious about him. He fits that image of a dungeon and that's why we thought maybe we'll incorporate him in the game in this way."


I love how it seems building the dungeon is part of the challenge. You'll have to fit it together so that the doors line up while not making it too hard for yourself, and it seems there will be extra conditions you have to fulfil. All I'm hoping for now is a decent reward for beating them! Sharing would be awesome, but I don't see that happening, at least without an update.


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