Nintendo continues to dodge questions about co-op and playing as Zelda in Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Aonuma finds people pondering co-op 'very interesting'

Will it or won't it?

People both really want and really think Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will feature co-op. Interviewers are trying their best to get that info out of Nintendo, but not surprisingly, everyone is tight-lipped. IGN’s Samuel Claiborn gave it a shot in an interview with Eiji Aonuma, and you can check out their exchange below.

IGN: "I know for a long time, people have wanted to play as Zelda, and there have been some games where you get to play as Zelda a little bit. It looked like Zelda and Link were hanging out a lot together. Do you think this is going to be the game in which we get to play as Zelda, maybe as a co-op game?"

Aonuma: "It's kind of interesting that you bring that up, because in Breath of the Wild, you see Zelda and Link together often too, so to go straight into the thought of co-op is very interesting to me."


In other words, no co-op.

I mean that was also a point in their presentation preceding the reveal of Breath of the Wild. Playing together. And it's one of the main selling points of the Switch.

It's plausible at this point. I think.

To me, it felt like the multiplayer aspects of that presentation in 2013 lead them to just make Triforce heroes.

This quote to me sounds like Aonuma saying he's surprised IGN thinks co-op, giving we've seen scenes of Zelda and Link together before without co-op

This actually reads to me like it's not gonna happen, which is sad, but I'm ok with it. Still hopefully if ever people start clamoring for a female character in Zelda, I hope they go with Zelda. Changing Link to a women or altering him significantly in any way would be stupid.

cheesus 2
Wed Jun 12 19 07:24pm
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I'm not sure why so many people want to play as Zelda and co-op and all that, I feel like they would have to design the game around it. Brings me back to Dead Space 3, which the game design for co-op killed the experience for me personally. Nothing wrong with a high quality single player experince .

I’d love something like The Last of Us. You get to play as both of the protagonists and it feels fine.

Wed Jun 12 19 08:42pm
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I don't see why people are so obsessed with the entire "Play az Zedla"thing when Link got his name from being he link between player and game. Let the silent hero live on.

Aonuma was always the king of dodging questions

drew ciccotelli
Wed Jun 12 19 09:12pm
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He knows that it's important to keep secrets to make the game more exciting and personal. Leaks and TMI can really take the wind out of a game.

Keep in mind he played coy about Link being female last time too and look how that turned out. Just saying, don't look too much into what he's saying

Yeah thankfully yall were wrong.


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