Suda51 talks No More Heroes 3 - Tons of story info, character relationships, taking full advantage of Switch features, and fighting "Thanos-level dudes"

Suda shares even more details

Game Informer managed to grab yet another massive wave of details on No More Heroes 3 from Suda51. Check out a summary of the juicy info below.

- takes place almost exactly two years after the ending of TSA
- Travis has moved back from the little trailer that he was living in in TSA
- this game isn't really about the assassin rankings
- Travis will be taking on the invaders seen in the trailer
- it's Travis versus a whole army of "Thanos-level dudes, some really hardcore enemies"
- Suda calls it a "completely different level of action compared to the other games" that will have an "epic scale"
- Sylvia's relationship to Travis and her general role in the game is going to be directly tied to the main story and all the events
- this time around, Sylvia doesn't have anything to do with the assassin aspect, as she's in a completely different position
- Suda wants to include more of the side-content from previous games, and make it more interesting/entertaining
- the game will feature "killing and battle-type missions and stuff like before"
- a lot from the previous games will be brought back and enhanced
- Suda's henshin [a Japanese term for "transformation"] is powered by the Death Glove from TSA
- the Death Glove is going to become a key part of gameplay and the game itself
- much of the different stuff you're going to do with the controllers is specific to the way this game is played
- Suda says that if you don't have Travis' classic "charging motion" for the beam katana, then it's not a No More Heroes game
- Suda wants to take full advantage of the Joy-Cons and what they can do
- again, the game will still be 100% playable without motion controls
- with the pro-wrestling moves, there's going to be a lot of stuff that uses the Joy-Con features
- Rocky III, Creed I, and Creed II have been a big influence on this game
- Suda knew Travis wouldn't be in Smash Bros. Ultimate, but was still really disappointed not seeing him revealed in the Direct

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I'm all in! Been waiting for NMH3 for a long time


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