Toby Fox shares a progress update on Deltarune

Toby has been filled with determination

When Deltarune's first chapter came out, creator Toby Fox made a point of letting fans know that he had no idea how long it would take to finish the entire game. Today marks the first dev update since that chapter came out. You can check out Fox's statement in full below.

So far I have about 50 songs past Chapter 1 at various stages of completion... If you add the 40 from Chapter 1, I think the full soundtrack will definitely end up surpassing 100 songs this time. Around Ch1, I remember feeling hopeless about how much I had to design. I still think it will take a very long time to make, but I don't feel hopeless anymore. Slowly I'm writing and drawing it all out. Bosses, bullets, cutscenes, characters...

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I appreciate the update from him but I'm not interested in playing something episodic. I will definitely pick it up when it is finished though.


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