Outside of gender, you cannot customize the look of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' protagonist

One default face for each

Byleth is the main character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. At the start of the game, you'll be able to pick between a male or female character, but that's it. Nintendo has confirmed to USGamer that there will be no visual customization for the player character after that.

"Although you can choose Byleth's gender and, of course, assign character skill sets, the actual avatar is not customizable in terms of look."


No surprise there. There are pre-rendered cutscenes featuring him/her.

I support this. Hopefully they'll have more personality this time since they aren't as much a representation of the player.

I am totally fine with this. I've never cared about the character customization feature in previous games in the series and always just went with the default look.

I'm fine with it, too. I'm just glad they have a Player Unit again, because I typically enjoy that. I wouldn't even mind if the gender wasn't selectable. But it's good that it is.

I also went with the default look and name with Robin and Corrin so I'm okay with this. I prefered the old-school Fire Emblem feel, and those characters never really felt like avatars to me anyway. Yeah, their appearances were somewhat customizable, but they still had defined personalities and story arcs, so it wasn't like I was playing as "myself".


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