Contra Rogue Corps gameplay info (upgrade mechanic, character profiles, pvp mode, and more)

Contra in name only?

Contra Rogue Corps is sure making for some unique impressions coming out of E3. It looked a little rough in its debut trailer, and hands-on impressions reveal a number of changes that push the title far outside the realm of what Contra is. Check out a full rundown of mechanics tomorrow.

- plays as a 3D twin-stick shooter
- upgrade both your weapons, and the cybernetic parts of your body
- Rogue Corps takes place several years after the events of Contra 3: The Alien Wars in a location called The Damned City
- this is a place where people go mad by just being inside it
- Kaiser is a rebuilt cyborg who fought in the Alien Wars
- Ms. Harakiri is an assassin with an alien fused to her stomach
- Harakiri needs to constantly stab this alien in order to prevent it from taking possession of her body
- The Gentleman is a posh alien bug
- Hungry Beast is a cyborg Panda with the mind of a brilliant scientist that spends most of his time looking for snacks
- each character starts with their own unique loadout
- every character can equip a main and sub-weapon
- guns can be mixed and matched at the Operation Room inbetween levels
- weapons don't have ammo, but there is a heat meter that fills up whenever you fire
- if you overheat your weapon, you’ll be completely unable to use it for a substantial amount of time
- use your character’s unique special ability to turn the tide of a losing battle
- use a bomb to completely clear the area around you
- after every level, you’re able to head back to your base camp to upgrade or purchase weapons and augment your character
- player-versus-player multiplayer option for 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, and even 1v4

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