Fire Emblem: Three Houses' "Divine Pulse" limited ability lets you undo costly mistakes

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a new ability that some people will love, and others will loathe. Nintendo revealed the "Divine Pulse" ability, which lets you undo a mistake you made out on the battlefield. This is a limited ability, so you can't spam it after every turn. The feature actually lets you scroll back through various turn choices via a list on the right-hand side of the screen, and then pick one to undo.


I use Divine Pulse since the GBA versions by turning the system off without saving Very Happy

Aw sweet. This was my favorite feature of Echoes, being able to turn back time, but only sparingly. That way you don't have to reset the whole battle but there's still risk (heck, I'm stuck on the game despite all that thanks to a bad Alm army. I should get to beating it)


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