Indie developer has his game shot down by Nintendo for Switch release, discusses why that might be

What do you think?

Developer Adam Ashbaker is trying to get his game SpikeBlade released on Switch. After issues with getting the game on the iOS App Store, Ashbaker reached out to Nintendo about getting the game on the Switch eShop. After a short amount of time, he received the following response from Nintendo.

Thank you for your patience during our review period. While we appreciate your interest, we are not able to grant you access to Nintendo Switch development resources at this time. We encourage you to watch the Nintendo Developer Portal for updates as more information regarding Nintendo Switch development will be made there in the near future.

While not given specific details, Ashbaker believes his game was shot down because he'd be self-publishing the title, and he hasn't created anything successful previously. Again, while Ashbaker hasn't gotten any exact reason for the game's block, he doesn't believe it has anything to do with the game's quality.

What do you think? Does it have something to do with the quality of Ashbaker's work, or lack of published titles/publisher?

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A BUNCH of one man Wii U indie devs have been rejected for the same reasons as well. Yet a bunch of one man rando devs who make very bad games to dump them on switch are slowly getting in now too. I honestly think they kinda have a grudge against small single indie devs unless they're already established, which really freaking sucks. They should play the games that are sent to them and judge based on that rather than the dev's size

I think it's similar to actors and actresses having agents. Sure you may have the talent but you gotta have someone vouch for you to get it seen by the correct people.

Wed Jun 12 19 11:07pm
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Matt Bitner, who made A Robot Named Fight, is a one man studio and his game is on Switch, but he ended up teaming with Hitcents for publishing. I don't know if he tried to self publish first and his game was initially rejected, but his game is also on Steam (was there first) and received a positive reception there, so that undoubtedly helped him get accepted on Switch.

Steam, Android and iOS is where he should go first (I'm aware he had/has issues with iOS). Android is the most open, allowing him to publish very nearly freely. If it's not compatible with a certain version of Android, no problem; Android just won't market to that version.

As for my own opinion on why it was rejected: it looks like a Flash game with zero polish and zero effort. Barely any animations, no particle effects, the premise makes absolutely no sense, even with suspension of disbelief; you're a sentient circular saw blade collecting gold nuts and avoiding spikes, because spikes can somehow damage the blade. He said it's extremely difficult, but the gameplay videos he showed make it look incredibly easy. It really just looks like something a student whipped up within two weeks for a homework assignment.

There may very well be several one man studios with actual good games getting rejected on Switch, but I believe a part of that is due to garbage devs like RCMADIAX clogging up the Wii U eShop, so Nintendo didn't want a repeat of that on Switch. Still, as noted, some bad games still manage to slip through. It's going to happen no matter what.

It looks very basic, but on the other hand, there are some bad ports already on the Switch eShop.

damn not to knock the dude but his game looks trash. hes better off getting it on android.

Wed Jun 12 19 11:17pm
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I get that people want to give pity for a up-and-coming game developer, but this is ridiculous. His game looks incredibly amateurish and watching footage of the game, it's obvious why. Ugly art assets, generic "don't touch the spikes" platformer, and the creator seems very unaware of the harsh reality that game publishers may not see your game as "acceptable."

Also, look at his YouTube channel. Almost every video this guy has made is about Nintendo, which shows that he's a fanboy who wanted to take early steps in game development to put his game on the Switch. And if you watch his "Games That I've Made" video, he only has one game to show...

Exactly. I don't think the guy should give up, and hopefully his game development dreams will be realised. But his game looked like something you would make as an assignment in a game development class, not something you would release on a console.

Nintendo trolls at their finest.

Well Adam, I'm sure they love you even more now.

Yeah, he's only burning bridges with a move like this. And especially since what he has to offer isn't all that great, nobody will feel inclined to reach out to him

Thu Jun 13 19 04:27pm
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Exactly, he's not doing himself any favors. I'm pretty camera shy, but still, I just don't understand how so many in this generation seem to not have a second thought about making videos complaining about things that don't go their way, for all to see. Maybe some of this is due to FB, where you can guarantee there's always an eye eagerly anticipating consumption of drama. lol I don't know.


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