Luigi's Mansion 3's eShop listing says cloud saves are not supported

Cloudy judgement

I honestly have no idea how big a deal cloud saves are for players, but it's important to get the news out there. According to Nintendo UK's eShop listing for Luigi's Mansion 3, the game will not support cloud saves. There's always a chance this could be an error in the listing, but we'll have to consider it to be legitimate information for now.

Thanks to Thedestructo94 for the heads up!

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But, if true, what theHell could be the reason? The online part? If so, maybe it is time for Nintendo to get help with their online structure.

MicroSoft and Nintendo need to become partners. They are so close, all they need is to trade a few IPs in exchange for an online infrastructure.

They do NOT need to trade any IP. Microsoft can earn money without that if they deliver a good online system for Nintendo.

Cloud saves are almost the only reason I'm paying for Nintendo Online. I don't play online games very much and I already own all the good NES games they're letting us play. So it irritates me when I find out certain games don't support the cloud saves.

Maybe they have their reasons... but history keeps making me think they've just set up their online system really poorly.

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