NPD data reveals the top 5 best-selling Wii titles in 2018

Now you see why Just Dance still comes out for Wii

Here's a really interesting bit of information about the Wii. NPD's Mat Piscatella has shared a chart for the Wii, showcasing the top 5 best-selling games in 2018. Have a look at the list below.

1. Just Dance 2019
2. Just Dance 2018
3. Just Dance 2017
4. Just Dance 2016
5. New Super Mario Bros Wii

Just Dance is, as far as I know, the only franchise that still sees release on the Wii. It's no surprise to see the latest installment take the top spot, but as you can see in the list above, Wii owners just keep buying ALL versions of Just Dance! What was once the Wii Sports machine for many expanded audience players has now become the Just Dance machine.


I'll admit I cracked up when I saw that list.

Guess this explains why it's still getting one this year, too.

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