Contra Rogue Corps producer on the important elements of the series to keep alive, and keeping microtransactions out

Run, gun, and free fun

Contra Rogue Corps seems to be changing up a lot for the franchise, but there are some elements that fans of the series will see return. Director and producer Nobuya Nakazato discussed those details in a Siliconera interview.

“When I ask others what makes Contra fun, it’s always “I played it with my brother, “I played it with friends”, and the like, as in that it’s the co-op aspect a lot of the time. To recreate that in this age, as we are now able to play it online as well, I thought that we had to strengthen this aspect. However, if you are to play it with multiple people, a sidescroller presents certain problems to the gameplay, so things like a change to a top-down view were things we had to change. The ‘Corps’ in the title is the same as Contra: Hard Corps on the Genesis, and is meant to evoke the co-op aspect.

Another thing about the Contra series that must be preserved is the easy-to-understand nature of the gameplay, that you can pick up and immediately understand what to do. While games that require you to sit down and get in the mindset for are fun too, Contra is a game with a low mental barrier of entry, which you can enjoy while eating chips, and immediately stop when your phone rings… that sort of game.

Also, we are aiming to bring back the run-and-gun shooting experience of ‘dodging and hitting’ in the form of a modern game, something which is hard to experience in the FPS genre.”

While Contra Rogue Corps is going to modernize other elements of the game, there's one trend Konami won't be chasing with this title. You won't find a single microtransaction to cough up cash for.

“We wanted to make a game you could have a rowdy good time with without needing to think too much, so we didn’t add them. If we’re able to get people to just shoot and have fun, then that’s fine. (laughs)”


I have a love/hate relationship with Contra. Like the producer said I love the coop and pickup and play gameplay. I hate the one shot = dead but that's what makes Contra what it is just as perma death is to Fire Emblem. I like the challenge and the variety of weapons.

It's still early and a lot can change with the new game but if I wasn't told the video they showed at E3 was Contra I would have thought it was an indie game. Something is just awry with this game. The characters are ugly/unappealing and the apocalyptic waste land seems generic.

I think Konami should use a little bit more nostalgia from the first game with lush green environment, 90's action movie with explosion, and an orchestrated rock/metal reimagining of the music from the original NES.


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